India_john-sung-ministries_Pastor-John-SungPlease join me in praying for John Sung Ministries in Visakhapatnam City, India. Rev. Sung is excited about us joining him in prayer. He said, “United prayer brings God’s presence in our midst wherever we are.”

He explained some of the challenges they face, especially in the summer.

We are in the hot summer crossing 45 degrees centigrade and by the next month it may increase another five degrees more in AO, India where we live. Due to this, rivers, streams, ponds, wells and bore wells dry up and cause scarcity of water. It adds to the difficulty of the people. . . . John Sung Ministries takes it as a project in summer by supplying drinking water to some extent. At present we have adopted three villages and [are] supplying water on weekly once in each village. Want to supply drinking water, one tanker of water to each village daily. Jesus met a woman of Samaria when she is in need of drinking water. John 4:7. The style of Jesus ministry, “first meet their need and then started telling the parables and show them the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.” We adopt the same in our ministry.
You can learn more about this ministry on the website: There you will find this brief description of their ministry and a wealth of other information:
  • Church Planting: John Sung Ministries train native dedicated missionaries from the local church and send them to unreached places to plant churches in tribal and rural villages.
  • Gospel Crusades: Gospel crusades are the most direct method of John Sung Ministries to accomplish the task of reaching the people of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • TV Ministry: We know media is impacting millions of people around the world for bad and also for good purposes. We started the evangelical programme through television.
  • Tribal Ministry: John Sung Ministries is doing evangelism, outreach, gospel work, and church planting in the tribal and jungle villages of India monthly.
Prayer Requests for India:

  • Pray for a corruption-free administration in the nation.
  • Pray that Naxals and Maoists will repent and be saved.
  • Pray for deliverance from alcohol and drugs in India. (There are more than six crore (60 million) alcohol addicts in India including two million young people. Drug addiction is becoming a major health problem with an estimated 24 crore (240 million) Indians addicted to drugs.)
  • Pray for women issues. (No matter what goes wrong in the society, the women and children are affected the most. There are only 933 women for every 1000 men because many girl babies are aborted.)
  • Pray against terrorism. (India is at the geographic center of a belt of terrorist, insurgent, and separatist violence.)
  • Pray for the protection of innocent people against terrorism, especially Christian individuals, ministers, and missionaries.
  • Pray against child prostitution and child trafficking.
  • Pray for John Sung Ministries.