Image result for map bungoma, kenyaPlease join me in praying for Brother Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship Ministries in Bungoma, Kenya, East Africa.

Weekly updates from Brother Bushebi:

We joined a deep rural church in Bungoma South at Sioya 25 miles from Bungoma as per the invitation of Pastor Stanley Wanjala. The rural church just started and has 7 Members. We enjoyed the sounds of drumming as Praise and Worship went on in Singing and dancing to the Lord. The Lord led us in standing in the gap for the rural area where a lot of Witchcraft and evil traditional practices have taken deep roots. The Lord is penetrating and has victory over all!!!

* * * * *

Today morning, the Evangelists and Intercessors came in for their Weekly Morning Prayers and Intercession. The number seem to increase as the Lord continues to answer prayers in everything they petition Him, New Harvest adding to the Flock.

Special prayer requests for TV and radio:

A Brother has Volunteered in national Government to help Gospel Believers Fellowship acquire a Media (TV and Radio) License but he wants us pay the Costs. We look to the Lord opening a door by His grace and mercy towards this great Vision with a great need of reaching out to Millions in the East African region.

Pray for drought and famine victims:

We bless the Lord as some part of Kenya start to receive short rains, some remain dry for more than 3 years now. Millions are affected and are in danger of losing lives after millions of Livestock died.Please, continue to make supplications to our Father in heaven for Food, Shelter, Clothing and Medical Care for the huge population, our job to pray!!!!!

Pray for April 2017 pastor/leaders’ conference:

The Leaders Conference will be here in a Month’s time. We pray God supplies all we need for Equipping all the Workers of the Gospel in these perilous end times as we join His armies for His redemption work.

Other prayer requests:

  1. Bibles for new souls
  2. Orphans, widows, and street children
  3. Health care
  4. Bikes for ministry Workers
  5. Bible school construction
  6. Ministry finance resources
  7. Drought and famine

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them;
intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.
1 Timothy 2:1 NLT