Exciting Report from Pastor John Sung in India

Please join me in continued prayer for John Sung Ministries in Visakhapatnam City, India. I have received this exciting update from Pastor:

Distributed 286 HOLY BIBLE freely after completing our SUMMER DRINKING


Water project in 2016. By God’s grace, they were able to reach out to even more people this year.

WATER PROJECT to HINDUS & MUSLIMS (Non Christians) who can read in our Language (Telugu). By this Project many came to the knowledge of CHRIST and wanted to WALK in the LIGHT. Pray that these people stand for Christ in these end days.

By the grace of God and your prayers we have completed WATER PROJECT. In 2016 we have adopted three villages to supply water weekly once in each village. This year 2017 we supplied drinking water for 5 villages on daily one water tank capacity of 5000 Liters to each village, as there is an emergency need where women and children are suffering in search of miles for drinking water.

Started this Project on April 24th 2017. Ended on June 22nd 2017 60 days in 5 villages. Each Water Tanker Cost per Day $ 48 Total Budget … 60x5x48 = $ 14,400 Paid till now ……= $ 7,814 Still need to pay = $ 6,586.

Humbly request you to continually pray to clear the pending outstanding bills, which has to be paid at an early date.

Praying for you and your Family. Stay Blessed. Shalom

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