Please join me in praying for John Sung Ministries in India as they share the love of Christ by providing drinking water to those in need. You may want to read more about this ministry in my recent blog. I received the following message from Pastor Sung today:

Water Project in 2016

As it was informed and worked last year in 2016, we are doing Summer Drinking Water supply again this year. We are in the hot summer crossing 45 degrees centigrade [113˚ F] in AP, INDIA, where we live. Due to [this] rivers, streams, ponds, wells and bore wells dry up and and cause scarcity of water. It adds to the difficulty of the people. Especially in villages the situation is worst and people cannot [afford] even for drinking water because of their low income and poverty.

John Sung Ministries takes it as a project in summer by Supplying Drinking Water to some extent. This is one way of reaching to their homes and showing the love of Christ. In 2016 we have adopted three villages to supply water weekly once in each village. This year 2017 want to supply drinking water one tanker of water to each village daily for 5 villages capacity of 5000 liters to each village, as there is an emergency need where women and children are suffering in search of miles for drinking water.

Jesus met Samaritan Woman when she is in need of drinking water. John 4:7. The style of Jesus ministry, “first meet their need and then show them the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.” We adopt the same in our ministry.

Each water tank cost $48 capacity of 5000 liters. It’s summer project only for April and May months (seven weeks only). People are in need of Drinking Water at this hour. . . .We need your prayers and support for Summer Drinking Water Project. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

In His Vineyard
Rev Dr John Sung