Please join me in prayer for John Sung Ministries in Visakhapatnam City, India. He describes this urgent need:

2019-6-22_India is facing the worst water crisis in the history and it’s learnt that many places are run out of groundwater. Many Indians are battling with water stress in summer. Rural areas are badly affected.

We are in hot summer crossing 50 degrees centigrade, due to these rivers, streams, ponds, wells and bore wells dry up and cause scarcity of water. It adds to the difficulty of the people. Especially in villages the situation is worst and people cannot effort even for drinking water.

Women and children are suffering in search of miles for drinking water. John Sung Ministries takes it as a project in summer by supplying Drinking Water to some extent since last four years. Gospel is been spread and many are coming to the Love of JESUS.

2019-6-22_2We have adopted five villages and one Water Tanker deliveries from remote sources to each village every day. This year we could not raise sufficient funds due to local Elections in India. . .

People are in need of Drinking Water at this hour. Each water tanker cost $45, capacity of 1300 Gallons. (5000 liters) Per Day $45 in 5 villages …… 45×5=225 per day Project is only in summer for three Months (April – May – June) 70 days

Please join me in praying for this urgent need.