Pray for Pastor Benny and His Church Planting Ministry

Please join me in praying for Pastor Benny and the exciting church planting ministry he is leading. Maybe we could all learn something from their “Prayer, Care & Share” plan!

2017-6-12_1This is Pastor Benjamin (30 years old) from India. According to the call of our lord and savior Jesus Christ towards my life, I came to Gospel and Church planting ministry and reaching all the unreached people in a unreached district.

I have resigned my job and along with my family moved from city to a rural village as a missionary along with my family to a place called SRIKAKULAM. This is the place where less percentage of Christian and more percentage of heathens living. But according to the call I have dedicated my life to the fulfillment of GREAT COMMISSION and ministering independently.

Here most of the people are heathens and we reach them through our key strategy: PRAYER, CARE & SHARE. We do activities like digital literacy, caring for poor, and doing awareness programs and slowly build up relationships with the people of the villages and among the communities.

Soon after we finish our Caring activities, we then share the good news through the Jesus film personal evangelism group gospel outreach, and street gospel meets and then leading them to the Body of Christ.



Firstly praying for the village and people.

Secondly providing them and taking Care of them according to the need of the community.

Thirdly sharing the Good news after building up the relation through prayer and caring

Kindly please pray for me and for my family. Please kindly find a glimpse of mission report in the attached attachment in the below attachment for your reference.





Pastor Babu Sends Prayer Requests from India

2017-6-12_3Please join me in praying for Pastor Babu and his church. I recently shared Pastor Babu’s powerful testimony. (Read here.) Today he sent a wonderful report about their ministry, along with some pictures and prayer requests.
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.
We have been conducting Bible training classes since some years every two days in a month regularly. Twenty(20) pastors are working under my care. They all come from different places in our state, especially West Godavari and East Godavari Districts. Those who are not having sources to maintain their poor families. I visit frequently their churches and houses. During the bible classes we are providing food, shelter, tea and Tiffin travelling etc. Therefore we are presenting Gospel of Jesus Christ every five days in every week to far and surrounding villages and tribal and slums  reaching unreached areas along with our gospel team. In this connection we need all your prayers and supports to this ministry.
Prayer Request:
We need all your continuous prayers to our ministry. We have lot of visions to work through this mission like feeding and clothing for orphan children. Care for widows. Feeding and medical care for Leprosy. providing accommodation and education for blind students etc.
Other  Prayer Requests:
1.       Need vehicle for ministry purpose.
2.       Need bicycles to our pastors.
3.       Help for Leprosy , Blind people and Orphan children and widows.
4.       Bible training school.
5.       Site for ministry office building.
Please pray for us and our ministry. We are praying for you all in the name of Jesus Christ.
Thanking you
Yours brother in Christ
Pastor P.Vijaya Babu
Andhra Pradesh., India.

Pray for This Ministry in Chennai, India

Please join me in praying for this ministry in Chennai, India. I just received this wonderful report from the pastor. Their zeal for winning the lost to Christ should inspire us all!

2017-6-8_1Warm greetings to you from Chennai, India.

We trust that you are doing well and enjoying the life in its full. We praise God for you and remember you in our prayers. Thank you for your prayer support for us and our nation, India.

We are so excited to share with you what God has done in and through us here in our place.
From the beginning of the year 2017, we have been experiencing the power of God in our life and ministry in a mighty way. Gospel of God was preached in different ways to many people. Hundreds of people heard about the love of God during these days and He set them free from their various issues.
One of the remarkable works God has helped us to do was to train the children to live a2017-6-8_2 godly life. The Bible teach “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).
We were able to train 80 children in Vocational Bible Class. Children learned from the Bible through Stories, Action Songs, Coloring the Bible Characters, Skits, etc.
Children from every religion were invited to participate in these VBS classes. At the end of the VBS there was a get together for the parents for these children where we shared the Word of God with them. Children were excited to perform what they learned, before their parents. Gifts were distributed for all the participants.
2017-6-8_3The Church in Tirunelveli:  The believers in the Tirunelveli Church are sending their hello to you. All of them are growing in the Lord and experiencing the gifts and blessings of the Holy
Spirit. They are growing in the Lord and testifying about Him to their families and friends. Their living testimonies are drawing people to believe in Christ.
The church is in need of a building as during the rainy season we are facing problem to organize the prayer meetings. Kindly pray for God’s provision for us to construct a church building for us.
Equipping Gospel Workers. God also has called us to teach and train people for 2017-6-8_4the Gospel work and also strengthen the body of Christ by visiting churches and training youngsters for Gospel work. 
We were able to train 40 young people for the work of God. They have decided to testify Jesus among their friends, family, working places, schools and colleges etc.
Training women for the Gospel work was organized in two different areas in Tirunelveri. 25 women attended in these 2017-6-8_5training classes. We taught them how to share the Gospel with their neighbors and co-workers. They are so excited for this training. We are receiving good reports and testimonies from these ladies, saying that many are hearing the word of God through their ministry. Please pray for these ladies as they are small types of house fellowship in their houses.
Ministry to Children. God has also given a vision to support the poor children for their2017-6-8_6 educational needs, and as God enables us, we provide these children with school bags, uniforms, text books, Tiffin boxes, umbrellas, etc. Needs are high. Please pray with us that God may help us to help many more children in the days ahead. We request you to please pray for our ministry among the needy children.
More Prayer Requests. There are still many places in our area to be preached for Christ. We are planning and praying for reaching these people with the love of Christ. We request you to remember our work in your prayers and these people. Please pray for below urgent needs:
  1. Pray for financial provision for church construction in Tirunelveli (USD $1500).
  2. Pray for ten bicycles for pastors in different parts of Tirunelveli (USD $50 per bicycle).
  3. Pray for the provision for children ministry.
  4. Pray for church musical instruments and other things.
  5. Pray for Bibles in the local language.


Prayers and Prayer Requests from Bungoma, Kenya


Please join me in praying for Brother Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship Ministries in Bungoma, Kenya, East Africa. Praise God for all He is doing there!


Weekly update from Brother Bushebi:


Prayers and Intercession in Winning Souls is an amazing enjoyable Lord’s assignment; more people are coming to Christ as we lead 1 more Muslim, Brother I., to Christ on Friday last week. The Lord is working . . . towards the end. Let’s get prepared!!!!

Timothy Bushebi has improved tremendously in the last week and Doctors are considering a Second type of Treatment for his Lungs. Pills for heart functioning and strength will also be administered. We only Pray His hand fully restore Timothy’s health. Thank you for your continued Prayers!!!!!

Psalm 41:2 The LORD will protect him and keep him alive, And he shall be called blessed upon the earth; And do not give him over to the desire of his enemies.

Prayer Requests:

We continue to request for your prayers for our country’s elections to be done on August 8th 2017. The electioneering period is always marred with propaganda, hate speeches, and negative ethnicity. We pray the Lord to cancel all these demonic assignments break the Quinquenial curse of clashes every election for a fair, transparent, and peaceful elections.
Proverbs 18:18 The cast lot puts an end to strife And decides between the mighty ones.

Other prayer requests:

  1. Bibles for soul winning
  2. Help for orphans and widows
  3. Bikes for pastors
  4. Bible school program
  5. PA for evangelism
  6. Poverty levels

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them;
intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.
1 Timothy 2:1 NLT

Prayer Requests from Andhra Pradesh

I just received this message from a brother in Andhra Pradesh, India . . . Pastor P. Vijaya Babu. Please take a moment to read his inspiring testimony and ministry reports and then join me in praying for him and his prayer requests listed below. Enjoy the pictures he sent as well!
Dear beloved Brother in Christ,
Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ and soon coming King. Though we are far away with each for thousands of miles between our nations the blood and love of Jesus Christ made us one in Him. I feel a great joy and privilege to meet you through this letter and I would like to introducing my self as pastor P. Vijaya Babu from India.
Please allow me a few words to share my witness with you. Once upon a time I was a great sinner. I hated Christ and Christianity and I persecuted many Christian people and I was worshiping idols false Gods and faith ( Ps. 115:48) but I have no peace and joy in my life and family. After some days I fell ill and sick and admitted in the Hospital – but never cured by the doctors. At the last day a pastor came near my bed and preached the word of God and prayed for me. I listened the word of God very carefully.
In that night I feel some one has touched my body and I got relief immediately from all my sickness and cured. Praise the Lord. I recognized that there is great power in Jesus name. Now I bought the Holy Bible read and read with much interest . I got peace and joy full of my heart and I repented from all my notorious sinful life and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I received baptism according to ( Acts 2:38, Acts 2: 42, Acts 2:4)
Now I am working for Christ among Hindus, Muslims, and other communities proclaiming the Gospel of the Christ in different places in interior remote and unreached rural areas win souls for Christ. Moreover there are poor widows, poor Bible Teachers, poor orphan children, and some poor pastors are working under my care. These people are suffering short of food and clothes and other needs. I am distributing Gospel Literature to the people and mobilizing them into Jesus Christ.Please we need your loving prayers , encouragement, cooperation and we need your blessed fellowship in God and we work together For Christ win perusing souls in India. I request you please even your small help can strengthens us to more develop our ministry in India.
. . . Please pray for us and our ministry. We are all keep you in our hearts and prayers. I will send you some more pictures in my next letter. I will wait for your soon reply. I request you please try to send your answer by Registered mail/email. Ordinary letters missing in the mail. God Bless You.
Thanking you ,
Yours in Lords Servant,
Pastor P.Vijaya Babu,
Dommeru-534 350,
West Godavari Dt,
Andhra Pradesh-India.
We need all your prayers for our ministry in India. We thank you so much for your love and prayers for our ministry. These are our prayer requests:
  1. To spread rapidly the gospel of Christ in India
  2. Each and every soul must accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. For repentance.
  3. To drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness of our people.
  4. Freedom for Christians
  5. Our ministry developments.

Prayer Needs from Bangladesh



Please join me in praying for Dr. Monirul Nanok and the Life Chapel for Bangladesh. I hope you will visit their website to learn more about their ministry. Read this previous post that included Dr. Nanok’s powerful testimony.

 Please pray for these needs:

  • Please pray for our ministry to the Muslims and outreach program.
  • We need 2 bicycles in the ministry for local transportation
  • We have a children’s ministry and they need some food during the meeting time.

Powerful Testimony from Bangladesh


Please join me in praying for Dr. Monirul Nanok and the Life Chapel for Bangladesh. I hope you will visit their website to learn more about their ministry. Dr. Nanok shared his powerful testimony. Praise God for this powerful transformation!

Dr. Nanok’s Testimony

I was born in a Muslim family and received the gospel in 1984 and was SAVED in 1990. It takes 6 years to understand who is Christ. I had a very common faith all the Muslims will go to heaven and Muhammad is a last prophet of God . But after I received the gospel, many questions came to my mind, and I was searching for the truth different between Jesus and Muhammad . When I saw that Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and Omega” and other words that said “Without me no one could enter into heaven”, I was confused in many ways about the religion and faith . I started searching for the truth and found real face of Islam . After reading the whole bible and Islamic history books including Quran and hadiths, truths came to me . What I have found is, there is no Allah in the bible and the Living Creator never called Muhammad for his purpose to be a prophet, and Abraham never built the Kaba in Mecca . Islam is a pagan religion from the beginning and they worshiped different type of idols including moon god . The life of Muhammad was very filthy and dark , he is not qualified to be a prophet at all. On the other hand, Allah is not our creator, he is antichrist, he always talks about killing and not giving us assurance of our salvation . In 1990, Jesus stopped me to search the truth and told me that I have chosen you for my kingdom . At that time I had to repent and submit myself to him as a sinner. I went to a local Church who knows me well and they gave me shelter, having to come out from the family. From that point, I attended Bible College for higher education, all the while I was persecuted from the family, friends and relatives . By the grace of God I completed my Bachelor of Theology and started serving for Him . The loving God used me many ways in different nations for the gospel. I have served in USA, Australia , Africa and Europe as a missionary. By the grace of God I received the honorable Doctorate of Divinity and done my PhD on Theology. My life was blessed many ways, and now I would like to bless my nation Bangladesh too with His gospel.

Please pray for these needs:

  • We need some funds for the traveling and going from village to village and to the cities  for outreach .
  • We also need help for the portable Bible training and gospel seminars.
  • We need to print some special gospel tracts to reach out the Muslims