Please pray for these ministries in East Africa

2019-5-23_1Please join me in praying for Dr. Goitom B. Bahta (  in East Africa. He is the founder and senior pastor of Heavenly Peace Gospel Ministries and the president of Heavenly Peace Theological Seminary.

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ My name is Dr Goitom Belay Bahta I am the founder and senior Pastor of Heavenly Peace Gospel Ministries and the president of Heavenly Peace theological seminary in east Africa Ethiopia. We have over 16 churches and Bible training Centers in different regions and cities of Ethiopia. Our mission is to reach East Africa by Gospel and working with collaborating with others to preach the gospel in the world. Currently we are working in national crusades, Prison Ministries and preaching in Muslim societies.

I would be happy if you pray for my mission. At this moment I need your prayers:

1-For the mission to preach in East Africa and North Africa my plan is to reach over Two hundred million populations

2- To have Bibles in different Languages

From LinkedIn:

“Heavenly Peace Theological Seminary exists to educate man and women to declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip students from across the globe with the knowledge and skills needed to be ministry leaders in the Kingdom of God on Earth.”


Pray for this ministry in Burundi, East Africa

2019-5-23_5I recently connected with Léonce Ngabo on LinkedIn. Please join me in praying for him and his ministry.

I lead a very young ministry and church in Burundi, East Africa. We don’t have big things and we are not able to do big things. The prayer requests i have is to be educated, i want to learn!!

My only overmastering prayer request is have a steady supply for me to be able feed and send my children (orphans) to schools. I would like to grow a Biblical based Business to help pastors sent to pastor churches in Villages. More details on my ministry and pictures are in found on our website:

Please pray for this ministry in Gambia

I recently “met” Christopher Simeon on LinkedIn. Please read below his description of this ministry and join me in praying!

I’m the director/founder of Global Aid Foundation for youth’s /less- privileged, the Gambia. Our areas of concentration include vocational training, feeding, education support as well as Bible clubs in schools for citizenship training both physically and biblical, irrespective of gender, religion, belief, race, or creed. The Bible club is an area we constantly seek partnership in spreading God’s Word.


This program helps schools fulfill their governmental requirement of equal opportunity and access to religious training in the Christian sector, since Qur’anic teaching is already mostly implemented. This project’s significance includes, but is not limited to: Great in its mission Godly values, Christian Doctrines and Teaching will be taught in conjunction with how this applies to all sectors and walks of the students’ lives. Therefore, this will enable them to be better students, better behaved at home and better siblings, and productive citizens, equipped with a “can do” attitude!

Great in its promise

Purchase of school/biblical materials, school sponsorship, and planting schools in needed communities.

Great in its scope

The participants will learn among other things, leadership skills, citizenship, interpersonal-communication, personal responsibility for their actions- both good and bad, as well as having a sense of self-worth, value and dignity instilled into them.

Although I live in Barcelona, Spain with my Spanish wife and there we coordinate things from here for our principal target country The Gambia, West Africa. In view of the above, we seek for strategic partnership in getting us some educational materials ,Bible materials and of course support to our volunteer Bible teachers . For more details please, visit us at

Please Pray for This Ministry in Pakistan

Please join me in continuing to pray for this wonderful ministry in Pakistan. Sohail Sadiq and I have been communicating on LinkedIn. If you missed the first post, please read about his ministry here.

Here is an update from our brother. Please continue to pray for the ministry and especially these beautiful young prayer warriors.

We are very thankful to God that the [prayer] calendar for the month of May [has] been distributed [to] prayer warriors. Satan tried to stop us many times to give up this service. But our loving and living father made us strong in faith and commitment to continue his mighty works. Please keep the little Prayer Warriors and the team of RYF and WSC in your prayers that may God keep us all growing more in his knowledge, experiences and understanding for the fulfillment of his righteous works. God bless you!



Sample Prayer Calendar


Please pray for this ministry in the Philippines

I previously shared with you about Winston Capilitan’s ministry in the Philippines. This is an update from him with more pictures. Please join me in continued prayer for them.You may read more about this ministry in an earlier post.

Here is an update:

We are preparing on coming local church fellowship on MAY 21 2019 at 7 days later MAY 4 i conducting street Preaching in iligan city Public Market . Sister Karen. i admit myself that my ministry is not easy works in the Philippines because of lack of funds for expansion but my God is a great God he knows our needs for his kingdom.

Prayer requests:

  • Motorbike to be used in ministry
  • Church repair
  • Upcoming event starting May 21 (see above)
  • “Help for expansion of evangelism in every place”

Street preaching from Bible



House-to-house Bible preaching and encouragement

Please Pray for Broken Chains Ministry in Kenya

Please join me as I continue to pray for Pastor Joseph Kinuthia and Broken Chains Ministry in Kakamega, Kenya. You can read more about his ministry in this previous post.

Dear Friends of Broken Chains Ministry

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all who are praying and also standing together with me in this ministry so that we can reach out to help even those who are not able in the society. It is now over 22 years since this ministry started. The main work of Broken Chains Ministry basically is to help those children accompanying their mothers to prisons in Africa, reaching out to street children, widows and orphans.

You can see in these photos how the ministry is ministering to the children (please click on each picture for larger image):

The ministry is a non-governmental ministry that depends upon well-wishers in assisting it to undertake its tasks. This year we pray and request to meet partners who will enable us get clothing, nappies, milk, flour for the children. how we pray that we get you in support for a child with $15 every month. The ministry is reaching out to over 90 children. as the Bible says, “…For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.. I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me…” (Matthew 25:35-40); so dear brethren, for whatsoever you make to contribute towards these children will be highly appreciated by Broken Chains Ministry.

We have seen GOD doing miracles even in us in this Ministry.

As shown in these photos, we are giving milk to the mothers and their children in prison:

I am with a mother and the newborn having donated clothing at a cost of $4 for the newborn child

Again, I am with a newborn baby and her mother, having donated clothing to her. Then, I am sharing out with a child and her mother having also donated a clothing to her.

As the Bible again quotes, “…Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these..” (Matthew 19:14).

Herewith are street children, I am meeting them for a share and distributing to them a drink. The other shows the kind of life they are staying on in the streets. To satisfy for the daily needs (meals and drinks) of these children cost $3 per child. We also welcome you to stand with us towards making donations in reaching out to these children and giving them a satisfactory life, even as I declare, “…let’s plant where we expect not to reap…”

My brethren, I know that everyone of us have a role to do. [Note from Karen: Please pray for the financial assistance this ministry needs.]

We also invite your team to come and visit us in order to share of the gifts. The door is open to you all, and how will we appreciate your kind donations and prayers. Thanks so much for your concern and partnership. GOD bless you all.


These are some more photos to follow on this request prayer I have tabled before you, of which I wish all of you can be part of these blessings we are doing in the prisons.

This is a photo showing my daughter preaching to the inmates

These are evidence showing the goodness of GOD in enabling us to work and reach out to such in the society. For “…blessed are they who are merciful, for the shall obtain mercy…” (Matthew 5:7)


Please pray for Pastor Amanat in Pakistan

Please join me in praying for Pastor Amanet Masih in Pakistan. I have been conversing with him on LinkedIn:

I am from Pakistan and for many years I have been working in Pakistan for the kingdom of God. I have told a lot of Muslim peoples about Jesus Christ I have win their hearts in the name of JESUS  CHRIST.

i am also working on brick kilns me and my family are slavery person of brick kilns. In the evening i goes to work for the God and visit many families like our family and share with the them the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I accepted Lord Jesus Christ [when] the pastor Eli Wahab visit our brick kilns. He continually come every Monday and teach us and preach the true Gospel. One day he preached the Gospel John 1:3-5, when he finished his preaching i was crying and crying and said to pastor Eli Wahab. i need light the light of Lord Jesus Christ. After this evening my life has been totally changed after day by day God increasing me with His love. Now i am serving God with all my heart and passion because He chosen me as Bible tells us in John 15:16.

We works among children who are in Brick kilns. They want to study but can’t, because of their situation, they are very poor, they do not have food, clothing and walking bare foot. They are facing hunger and working in too much sunshine. When I look at these children’s my heart break. These Christians children’s are the pillar of the future generations. But now they are laboring. My heart keeps those children’s who work at a younger age. We search for such children’s and arrange for their education and help them to become a better citizen like other children’s, if you help this Children’s contact us pastor Amanat Email .

We are preaching the Good News among the non-believers .we invite Evangelists, Pastors, Missionaries and many servants of Lord from other countries to serve the Lord in the nation of Pakistan. We arrange Big Healing Crusades, small Crusade, Conventions, for the glory of the lord. Pakistan is a Muslim Country. The Crusades are the best way to preach Jesus Gospel in the Muslims and win the souls for Jesus.

Please keep us all in your prayer May God bless you Your brother in Christ Amanat masih