Please join me in rejoicing with Pastor Augustin in Burundi about what God is doing there! I hope you will also take a few moments to email him with words of encouragement: . You may read more about this ministry on this previous post.

From Pastor Augustin about services held this past weekend:

Blessings to you, thank you soooooo much for your prayers, please let me sharing with you how went my busy week-end with Papa Jesus Christ work.

I leaved here to Magara, Magara it is another Burundi Province, I reached and I saw the hands of God, it was yesterday, Magara program has finished yesterday 1 pm, I continued with my journey to another province for Revival Meeting to Mtambara,

There also around 89 people has received Jesus Christ from yesterday afternoon  Revival Meeting and today morning revival meeting, then I started my trip to back here Bujumbura for our church here Revival Meeting as you see, it was so powerful and the church service was so powerful we saw God’s power.

Thank you so much for your prayers, please praying God to bless me with $150, I borrowed to be able to success this program.

This is the total numbers of those who received Jesus Christ during my Magara meeting, Mtambara meeting and Bujumbura Meeting, 158 people has received Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory.