Please join me in praying for Pastor Romans Roni and his ministry in Kenya. Note: On March 2, Pastor Aroni also send this special urgent prayer request: Felix Ochenge is very sick . Felix is the first orphan in St Beth’s orphanage who is in secondary school. He had a blockage for the last two weeks. He can’t urinate at all. We are in fundraising to raise ksh$1,200 for operation as required by specialist doctor.

I hope you will email your encouragement to Pastor Aroni:

From Pastor (Bishop) Aroni:

Receive our lovely greetings to you and your family. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Thanks for what you are doing  in the word of God.

I am Bishop Romans Aroni from Kenya. I have brought to your kind notice under which circumstances we are doing the work of the Lord. It is not easy to do God’s work here in Kenya, especially where superstitious beliefs and violence, unrest are widespread. Add to this we face a lot of oppositions from anti-Christian forces, especially the Moslem and Alisabab! Ohh we need your prayers!!!

However we are striving our every  to reach the unreached women and men   and win the lost for Jesus Christ. In-spite of persecution reproaches and insults we will continue to do that until our last breath. We meet with desperate families’ orphans & widows and share with them the riches of Christ, so we need your support and prayer to this work. We visit rural areas, tribal and jungle areas and preach the gospel. We go door-to- door, distribute literature and do individual evangelism. We conduct gospel meetings.

We use kerosene lamps to preach, as most of the areas and villages are without electricity. We walk on the rocky roads, facing danger at night. However we are steadfast to see that the Lord’s work is done. Oh we need your prayers.

Kenya is a community of good people but has been saturated with false doctrines which are leading many to erring, publications have been dotted everywhere which have erring doctrines. . . . Lastly we are for your prayer to this ministry of ours and see souls saved as for now time is short we have to work for the Lord and if you the Lord helps you please send us Bibles for our congregation groups.