Please join me in praying for Pastor Augustin and his ministry in Burundi.

Picture below: “My wife called Magnifique Butoyi. Our children: Heaven Owandji, Queen Lando, Jodel Carlos and Da Silva Fernando By the grace of God, we planted 7 churches, and this is our Bujumbura church.”

From Pastor Augustin:

We are doing well God is good.

1. We thank God, because it is now 10 years since I started this
ministry, Pentecostal Jesus Christ is the Answer Church, till now we
have been able to plant 7 churches. 6 churches here Burundi and new one to Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. I am living with my family here Bujumbura – Burundi.

3. I was born to Drcongo, my father was congolese but my mother was
Burundian, my parent has separeted when I has 2 years old, I am the
last in my family because we are 12th. My parent was not born again, I have been muslim believer 10 years., I was invited to participeted to the revival meeting , so there I received Jesus Christ like my Lord and my savior.

4. My works is to preach the gospel to the streets, hopitals…

5. My prayers request is
Praying for me to get someone who can equipping me.
Praying for  my family
Praying for our church to growing spiritually