Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. And join me in praising God for all He is doing. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.



Much greetings and Love from Your Family and Ministry in Bungoma, Kenya, Africa in Christ Jesus!

We trust you are fine and hopeful of God’s blessings  and victory even during this Pandemic time.

SUNDAY SERVICE: We have overcome!!!!
We had an awesome service at Nasyanda church with the few who risked to come and fellowship despite the COVID 19 restrictions. The Lord moved powerfully through His Word, Healing and Deliverance. We received 2 People who gave their lives to the Lord during an alter-call. The tiny mud structure is also hindering many to come who could keep social distance during Sunday services.

COMING TO CHRIST: The work of the Holy Spirit!!!!
– A Couple gave their lives to Christ during Bungoma church Sunday service and joined the flock
– 2 People gave their lives to Christ at Nasyanda church during yesterday’s church service
– 2 More People received Christ during house to house Pastoral visitation with Pastor Donald


– The Lord delivered Brother John Waweru who came to consult with us about deliverance from Familiar spirits and curses.Brother John violently struggled with the spirits before getting peace.

– God has healed Sister Ann who was involved in an accident that developed high BP. She is peaceful and healthy after the specific prayers.

– Brother Thaddeus had a heavy and intense demonic attacks for death (Witchcraft from his Parents who engage in the same) but is now relieved after we joined hands and took more than 2hrs to pray and rebuke the devils.

– A Lunatic came in the church fast while Pastor Robert was preaching and went straight to him pointing his finger against him. Pastor Robert bound the spirits and rebuke them, the guy fell on his knees and later took off. We are following up with him.

– The Lord has healed Joshua’s baby boy Deon from Chronic Malaria, Vomiting and Diarrhea after a week in hospital ward. Seems the diseases were demonic since he woke up active a day after prayers.

Prayer Requests

FUNERALS IN A WEEK: Please, pray for Widows and Orphans….
2 Funerals happened in the last week that saw more than 60 come to Christ.
– Brother Moli who schooled with Robert Bushebi passed on and got buried in Sirisia Sub County on Tuesday last week. The function saw about 31 surrender to Christ.
– Brother to Douglas Barasa, Mathews Wepo passed on and got buried in Kimilili Sub County on Saturday last week that saw about 37 come to Christ.
Due to the Floods that happened from April to July, COVID 19 effects, there is scarcity of Food hence the spike in food Prices. We humbly request for your prayers for orphans, Widows, Foster Homes Children, the Needy and the Poor!!!

Our Prayers are with You always!!!!

1. Bibles for new Believers
2. Orphans, Widows and the Poor
3. Starvation and COVID 19
4. Bikes for Pastors
5. Borehole water Well
6. Drought and Flooding

Brother Bushebi and GBF Ministry
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