Please join me in praying for Pastor David Ssebowa and Arise and Shine Christian Ministry in Uganda, East Africa.

From Pastor Ssebowa’s LinkedIn page:

I have been a believer for over the past 23 years , and was called in pastoral ministry now 17 years , I am co- founder / Proprietor of Kitebi Light secondary school project for 11 years , called as the Lead Pastor and Founder of Arise and Shine Christian ministry 11 years now since 20008 , Jesus Christ is my teacher and the Holy spirit Graduates me always after passing his examinations to another level of his glorious unsearchable understanding ,and in knowledge of his truth. 

From Pastor Ssebowa:

It is my heart desire  prayers if it pleases your good heart to work and partner with my struggling ministry work and may be my school project and other humanitarian activities here in the pearl of Africa my country Uganda And if you can think of visiting my beautiful country and ministry here in Uganda and if you can extend my ministry work to connect me to other friends who can be part of this work of God in Uganda i know together we can cause many harvests in the kingdom of God as we reach thousands of souls here in Uganda.

(1) Pray for my family provision, due to this 6 months of Covid-19 lock down without doing any business we are passing through a lot of difficulties without food and house rent arrears , it is too tough with my family and some Vulnerable Children under my care

(2) Pray for my ministry needs where we are looking on to God to buy and own our own ministry church land which the rent is our biggest enemy for our ministry growth

(3 ) Pray for the ministry church sound equipments and out reaches Evangelism sound Equipments

(4 ) currently churches are still closed where i serve as the lead minister and schools are closed for the next year this is where i have been earning my daily bread , now i am believing God for a break through of (2000$ ) to set up a small business where i can earn have a daily bread Blessings

Also, I just learned that Pastor’s Ssebowa’s father passed away in recent days. Please pray for him and his family during this time of loss.