Please join me in praying for Pastor Evans Obea and his family and ministry in Kenya. Please pray specifically for support to help orphans and plant more churches–also for their children’s and widows’ ministry.

From Pastor Evans:

3Am Pastor Evans from Kenya, am married with one wife. My real name is Pastor Job Obae, senior pastor and founder of the messenger church. Evans is my my grandfather name, who gave me a hand after him for the ministry. We look alike with him so people were calling me after his name for the ministry.

My work is to help orphans and street kids. Also I am going round to the prisoners to preach to them because I want to change them from crime to Christ. 

I have planted 3 churches in Kenya but we do worship under the tree1 because we do not have funds to do great in this mission. I do stay with the orphans in my home because I have no funds to build a home for them but I do believe that one day God will remember the work of my hands and bless us.

Just what I ask from you is your prayer so that God will help us with some funds to support His work. . . . I would love mostly to get missionaries who would come and minister to pastor train pastors also evangelize. For now pray for the construction of the church which is underway. . . .

Anyone who would love to come and minister let them visit me and minister in my church Any evangelism, any minister in any part of the ministry

Welcome and God bless you hope to hear from you.