Please join me in praying for Evangelist Hameed in Faisalabad, Pakistan, and the needs of these people.

I’m Evangelist Shazia Hameed from Faisalabad, Pakistan, and thanking Lord He chooses me to serve Him for His glory. And thanks to Lord, He always support to increase my work in Pakistan. Now a days we are working on the project called “Support Bricklin people”. We have visited lots of places and almost 400 Christians working on this kind of place to make bricks. Even I have seen that their children are helping their parents to get some money for feeding on daily basis. It brings tears to my eyes after watching this that their children not going to school for the poverty. In one area we have decided to support children and parents for their feeding, clothing and child’s schooling. And there are almost 100 people who need support. Blessings and love God bless you!