Please join me in praying for Pastor Shumail Gulzar and his ministry in Faisalabad, Pakistan. And pray for these brick kiln workers and their families. And I encourage you to leave an encouraging comment on this blog page or email your encouragement to Pastor Gulzar

From Pastor Gulzar:

I’m pastor shumail gulzar from Faisalabad, Pakistan and thanking Lord He chooses me to serve Him for His glory. And thanks to Lord, He always support to increase my work in Pakistan. This charity started in 2014. We started work with vision to help Christian children. Who did not have any help in education and if they get chance so in short of time they left the school because of discrimination. We provide them also biblical studies. We are minorities in the country so we need to safe community. We keep these children in very happy atmosphere so that they feel less stress and live like other children.

Now we have one schools for poor, orphans and one for child brick kiln workers. It is so hard to work on the bricks kilns in this small age, brick factory owner always exploitation of these children and families, their cloths always filthy from mud their situation is so desperate. They always despises these people. They work daily early morning to evening and in the end of day they only able to eat pickerel with bread…. When we started our work for brick kilns children none these children are receiving education we thanks the lord now more than two hundred kids part of our brick Kline school and they are doing great in education and every year many children go to high school after elementally school .

We sponsor them for future studies in high school. Also we like to build their minds in the lord so no one shake their faith; we want to see them strong Christians. We make great efforts with the children to make them successful in life. we strongly believe that life is to give and not to take. also that the children are our future so we have to care about them too. They are very miserable people working on brick kiln. On brick kiln these children work with their parents and after working all day they never know if they can get a piece of little food or not. As these people work all day and are not being paid nicely. There are 7-8 children in one family and in some families they are 8-9. People on brick kiln are so very needy and are very hopeless but this school is bring new hope and life for them. We provide them free education, medical treatment, food, books, clothes and all basic needs of life. Many children in village have different disease like TB, Ostromyelitis, Typhoid, Cough, Cold and very weak that they need great care. Especially in rainy season it’s terrible for them because mostly they don’t have food in these days and we provide them as much as we can.
We are struggling for the future of our nation and we need more and more helping hands in this great revolution. we say you welcome if you join us as volunteer for this work. thank you

God bless you
Whataaps number +92 345 7731162