Please join me in praying for Pastor John Wekesa and Jesus Celebration Centre Ministries in Kenya. Especially pray that they will be able to secure their church plot (payments very much behind) and build a new church structure.

From Mulongo Rodgers for Pastor Wekesa:

Receive greetings and love from Jesus  Celebration  Centre ministries. I dearly inform you IMG_20190901_092852 (3)that am working under Pastor John Wekesa. However, in respect to the previous conversation on LINKEDIN Network, i humbled make a request as well a note to understand our diverse work to cherish the Kingdom of God together in love and spirit that the following is our church guidelines and future prospective, in order to touch, reach and serve together as a church through evangelism, crusade, retreats and conferences, as currently we are in the temporal church structure as you may see] in this picture].
Monday  5:00PM   –   6:00PM  Prayer and Intercessory
Morning Glory, Monday – Friday 6:00Am   –  7:00Am
Tuesday 4:00PM  –  6:00PM Bible Focus
Wednesday 4:00PM  –  5:30PM Women Meeting
Thursday 4:00PM  –  6:00PM Cell Group {Home Bible Churches}
Friday 9:00PM   –  4:00 AM Prayer Night
Saturday 2:00 PM  – 5:00 PM Praise and Worship ,Practice and  Training.
Sunday 6:00AM  –  7:30 AM,Morning devotions
     -First Service 8:00AM -10:00AM [YOUTHS/CHILDREN]
     -Main service 10:30AM – 1:30 PM
     -Miracle Service 4:00PM  –  6:00PM
MEN               30
WOMEN         40
CHILDREN      60
As you may see from the photo, we are in a TEMPORAL CHURCH STRUCTURE plans for church expansion that we are seeking support and prayers from our partners that we may BUILD PROFOUND CONCRETE STRUCTURE but we believe and pray God for the following needs to be met:
To clear church plot arrears of USD 25000
To construct concrete church structure
Church Equipment’s
However, in our church we comprises of widows, orphans  and many other needy families that do rely for the church through, prayers, material assets and their daily family needs that we normally serve where necessary with our passion for care and conformity. . . .
Kindly mum, we pray God to touch you where necessary through prayers and in  any  way possible that our church mission and vision to be successful. . . .
Your next word of hope will be much appreciative.
I hope you are fine as we do in Kenya despite the world epidemic and tragedy of CORONA VIRUS that we are in prayers. . . . Currently, the church holds church plot arrears of USD 25000 that we pray God to do Miraculous. The landowner summoned as and we have been given 3 months to clear, otherwise, the church structure might be demolished as told. PLEASE TREAT IT AS AN URGENT STATE and continue praying for us and in any way possible that you might be touched indeed we shall give much praise and GlORY to God. Be blessed and I love to hear back from you.