Please join me in praying for Pastor Ramesh, his family, and his ministry. What an exciting testimony he has!

About My Ministries
This is Ramesh, Pastor of Stephen Chapel Trust in Sedhuvallai Village, Tamil Nadu, South India. I was started in 2016.  My wife is Radha, my older son Ruben is studying and my youngest son Joseph is also studying.
How I accept Christ as my Savior
I belong to Hindu family. I worshiped Idols. I was attacked by Black Magic or Necromancy and my health became very weak and I was admitted in Hospital for long years. I did not know Christ. But when I was admitted in Hospital, a unknown Sister came and share HIS GOSPEL from St.Mark 16:17 verses,”Through faith you will heal in the Name of JESUS CHRIST” and she prayed for me. She gave me a Bible to me to read it. I keep on started to read the HOLY BIBLE and day by day I was heal by HIM in the Year 1996. I was healed completely. On that day I accepted CHRIST as my own SAVIOR.  
Types of  Ministries.
On the day of I accepted Christ as my own Saviour, I started Ministries doing Tracks Ministries in the Surrounding villages, slowly House Visiting and later I started Church and conducting Free Medical Camp. Right know we are doing:
1. Village Ministries
2. Tracts Ministries
3. House Visiting to meet the sick People and we pray for them.
4. Church Ministries
5. Free Medical Camp to the Poor People in the Villages.
We are in the Need of financial help to help the Poor people in the Villages to buy tracts and Bible to distribute them to know CHRIST.  If HOLY SPIRIT inspired you, you can support our Ministries and we will send you the report of our Ministries.
Please pray . . .
Here is our prayer request: Coming 25th of December we are going to conduct Christmas Program in the Church in my village. For that program we have been plan to organise Cultural Program, Special Dinner and food will be give to the Village Children and the Believer. Kindly pray that GOD want to supply all the needs of Christmas Program and the food for the people. If HOLY SPIRIT inspired you, you can support for them.

Pastor Ramesh has also asked us to pray for the many who have lost loved ones, homes, and more in the torrential rains and flooding in India.