I have been messaging with James Kefah Nyambane on LinkedIn. Please join me in praying for him, his family, and his ministry.

November 19, 2018

2018-11-16Hello Beloved . Thank you for writing; it is good to hear from you about your prayers. God bless you for that heart you have.But I’m very sorry again to let you know that one of my kids was injured yesterday for his eye, also had thyroid cancer,pray God to heal him, doctors will going to do his operation tomorrow . Needs urgent prayers. Please pray for him Jesus. Christ is our helper.Thank you for your daily prayers.I have a attached the picture for a child and my wife at Hospital. Yours Pastor James.

[Note: Today I learned that this child is still in the hospital. Please be praying for him.

December 5, 2018

Concerning my life history, before I became a true Christian, I used to attend one church in our village called Mormon. (temple lot) I came to realize that they were using a wrong bible with false books and verses like NE PHI ,MORMON, MOSAIC. One day I came across one apostle who used to preach door to door. He preaches to me, he had a bible called THE HOLY BIBLE K J V. He was my heart as I was filled worth the Holy spirit . I continued following him day to day assisting him to carry his evangelical bag. He had power to heal the sick and converting people to Christianity. One day the holy spirit came and told me I needed to be born again. He baptized me in water just like Jesus in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN!!!.

When it reached 2009 I came and I organized a big crusade and many people attended . I preached and many souls were won and they completely disowned the Mormon church and its false teachings. In this process we started a church where I was her pastor in our village and far we saw the challenges and the destitution the orphans were facing and started thinking of their welfare since many of them ran a way to our church seeking for help and hope. Most of these orphans’ parents died of HIV Aids among other causes like the post election violence of 2007 in Kenya that let to killings of thousands of people.

Our main objectives is that we believe in one time living God and that there are three persons existing in God head. The father, the son and the Holy Spirit. We also believe that holiness is God’s standard of living for his peoples and that there is everlasting life the righteous and everlasting punishment the wicked among other believes.

We started a church under shade with 19 people now we are blessed with a temporary church with iron thatched roof and walls, also our Church grown now and then, and do care for 18 orphans.

God Has blessed me with one wife, three children one son and two daughters, Namely, Steve, Melody, and Naomi also my wife’s name, Elizabeth Kerubo.

My prayer is that God strengthen me and keep my legs strong enough to walk far places and spread His good news whoever that will believe the word will finally be saved. Proverbs 25:25.       May the grace of God be with you.

December 6, 2018

Also pray for me I get road accident yesterday