Updated Report from Pastor Benny in India

Please join me in praying for Pastor Benny, his family, and his ministry. You may read about this ministry in this post. I just received this message:

Greetings in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Thank u for ur continues support and prayers for our ministry. Dear sister I lost my mom and she slept in Christ. I was very upset because of her sudden death. Pls pray for my sick dad as he is a paralytic patient. But Our Great God is so faithful that I’m continuing my ministry without fail in any circumstances.

Pls below see the pics of our recent tribal ministry among the south Indian tribes. We are ministering among them. We are looking to plant churches in the hilltops of these tribal belt.

I humbly request you to pls introduce our ministry to those who are passionate and dedicated to support the church planting ministry among the tribes for building churches in the ANANTHAGIRI MOUNT RANGES in ANDHRA PRADESH.

3 thoughts on “Updated Report from Pastor Benny in India

  1. Our God, we thank You that You alone are God. There is no one above You. We adore You because You are Our Banner. We thank You for making ways and protecting us against the wiles of the enemy. We ask for comfort and strength to continue in ministry in You. We pray for healing, whether You heal on this side or by being with You, give us strength to cope with Your decisions. Help where Your help is needed. this prayer is signed sealed and delivered to You by way of Jesus The Christ so it’s in Jesus Name, Amen.

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