Please pray for Living Hope Kid’s Village

Please join me in praying for Living Hope Kid’s Village in Myanmar. You can learn a lot about the ministry by visiting their website. I have been chatting with Lalrindika on LinkedIn. He and his wife devote themselves to this ministry.

Quoting from the website, here is a little information about this ministry:

Living Hope Kid’s Village was born solely by Faith in God on May, 2017. Before it became into existence, my wife and I had prayer many years that we could be the parents of many orphans, children ignored and neglected in Myanmar without discrimination between races, colours and religions. We are also known as an Orphanage, but we never call ourselves an orphanage but a family, because we do not want kids to be discouraged and disappointed knowing they have no parents, but we rather persevere to be their parents showing true love and compassion alike. Therefore, Our dedication and prayer to God is visibly blessed in our lives and activities. Even though, we have some rules and regulation like other orphanages, but our rules and regulations goes further ( see:-prayer ). There are more orphans ignored and neglected and children who seems to have parents but never get true love from their parents around us. So, we keep praying that our God may bring us more kids.

We are Christian organization that work in bringing living hope of God into an empty lives of orphans and children proving good education and skills that change their lives and make them stand on feet. We intend to build better society/community by changing the lives of growing kids into the words of our living God.

Prayer Requests:

1. To increase the number of kids every year.
2. To extend and develop this ministry activities.
3. To care and provide reliable skill and education even after at age of 18.
4. To make them (kids) follower of Jesus.
5. To have compound (5 acres), buildings and vehicles.
6. To have complete facilities needed for educational and other concomitants.
7. To run Theological academy.
8. To brighten kid’s hope for their future livelihood by making their talents happen.
9. To have vehicles, compound nurse and more workers.
10. To get working partner ( sponsor) that our visions and prayers could be done for the glory of God.


Please pray for this ministry in Ghana


Pastor Nartey and Family

Please join me in praying for Pastor John Nartey, his family, and his ministry  in Ghana. He is a leader in Calvary Ministries CAPRO. He shared the following information. You may read more about the ministry on

By the grace of God I coordinate the work in Ghana. We are currently working among the the following people groups: Gonja, Konkomba, Nanumba. They are all unreached in the Northern Region of Ghana (about 8hrs and 9hrs drive from Accra.
We are also working among the Krobos especially among the teenage girls in the Lower Manya Municipality, Eastern Region, Ghana about 3hrs drive from Accra. I also do teachings, Missions awareness, mobilisation, both in Accra and beyond and village outreach as well.
Prayer Requests

1. Pray for special grace and Anointing for me and my team

2. The Car I have for all these work broke down since July 2018. Pray with us for a replacement of a bigger and stronger one or $800 to fix this one for now.

3. As a faith ministry, pray for God’s protection and provision for every member of the team and all our families.
Sunday Service after the 3 days 17th to 19th Jan. 2019 video Crusade at Ahuorso

[below] I’m the one seating in front in the  red shirt and the Assemblies of God District pastor in the Area is the seating with me on my immediate right. Bear him in your prayers. He will be retiring on the 14th of July 2019 but car he has kept leaving him on the road. Even when we were coming from the program on the Monday 21st, it park off and we left it in the middle of the road and is still yet to be fixed. Please pray with him for new car.


Praises and Prayer Requests from Bangladesh

I recently posted prayer requests for Hermon Hira and his ministry in Bangladesh (see post here). Today I received some very exciting praise reports and another prayer request. Please join me in praising the Lord for new souls in the kingdom and in praying for Hermon.


Last 3rd February was great day for our Elohim couple personal ministry,we won 13 non believer tribe brother and sister. Baptised them by the name of the Father and son and the Holy Spirit. Please pray for this very new born brother and sister for their spritual growth.

Please pray for these new believers.

Also, please pray for Hermon Hira as he reaches out to others. I received this message Friday:

Dear sister,if God will tomorrow early in the morning I’ll going for my next Evangalical tour in the mountains area for the tribe nation. please pray for everything.God bless you .

Update from Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya

Please continue to join me in praying for Pastor Bushebi and the Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya:

Dear Family,
Receive warm greetings in Christ Jesus our righteous King forever!
We hope you are fine and doing well in all as our Father God blesses your lives and jobs.


With African drums, music is always enjoyable with African Drums beats singing praise and worship songs. The church was full and visited by Brother Douglas Barasa. The Lord moved mightily with great expectation as many got blessed in Sunday’s service. 2 people gave their lives to the Lord as one of them really fought it out in struggle during deliverance but was set free as the Lord ministered to him.

Sister Benedetta with blood flow came back after September 13th prayers and testified of great change the Lord has done; she is healed.
– A new Convert and Malunga got delivered during prayer session, he was violent but the enemy came out
– A Couple David and Flora tormented by ‘strong’ demons were prayed for in the last week and gave testimonies of peaceful, quiet nights the Lord has given them.
– The Lord delivered Silvester from familiar spirits that had destroyed his life.
– The Lord touched Sister Mary’s swollen legs and can now testify of His healing.
– The Lord has delivered Brother Peter from a spirit of the adultery, always falling with other people’s Wives.
– The Lord has healed Patrick Wanyonyi from Tumor on his back (Diagnosed).
– The Lord healed Baby Joel from Hernia problem that has took some 11 months.

All glory and Honor we give unto our Lord forever!!!!

We are in the process of acquiring 50 feet by 100 feet piece of land at Sioya for the new church started in 2016. May the Lord supply as we have made a small deposit for the same. It is the testimony of what God intended when we held an open air Gospel Crusade.Always in prayer for the growth of His Kingdom!!!

The Lord enabled us to travel to Busia Teso region for 28 church Pastors, Elders, deacons and Women leaders’ forum. This one day seminar brought a big difference in the weakness and errors our untrained workers do. Many questions answered, doubt, taken away, Faith strengthened and there was in-filling of the Holy Spirit. Such kind of forums are needed in all the Ministry areas for training and administration.

Prayer Requests

The Prayer teams from Ministry branches will converge in Bungoma Head Church for Prayers with Fasting for 4 days as from February 20th to 23rd 2019. We will be praying for needs, standing in the gap for Nations and the Church. Feel free to send us your prayer needs and join us from wherever you are, we are one in Him!!!!

1. We need Bibles, Literature for new Souls and students 2. Orphans and Widows needs 3. Transportation for Pastors/Evangelists 4. Bible School Class structures 5. Sound System for Crusades 6. Church Construction Program 7. Water and Medical Needs 8. Primary and Secondary schools needs.

Brother Bushebi and Ministry Family.
CODE: 50200

Phone: +254-735781802 ; +254-724039828; +254-725733630 & +254- 552030347Email: or 
Skype gbfministries

Deuteronomy 28:9 
The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of theLord your God and walk in obedience to him.

Left: Brother Bushebi teaching in Busia Teso church leaders seminar
Upper Right: Brother Michael teaching Busia Teso church leaders
Lower Right:  Kwanga Mor GBF Church still under construction. Leaders seminar took place here.

Please pray for this ministry in the Philippines

Please join me in praying for Winston Capilitan and his family and ministry in the Philippines.

2019-1-29_1THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST that I have pastor for long years is located at Family Village, Suarez, Iligan City, Philippines. The land is rented and the little church is under renovation by now. We have funds collected every Sunday to spend for the repair and now we have 15k or $300 .We continue giving any amount  every Sunday until now but we still need to  do it continually because it is too small . This [photo on left] is our regular Sunday Service in our local church in Suarez.iligan city.

And this is the Pictures of our church building in Suarez local church:

Pray for these children [see below] to grow in the presence of God and be useful in the ministry as their parents continue in serving God . I see poverty made them reluctant in continuing their desire to serve God. Maybe education could help these children to encourage them. Help us pray they can study until they can graduate. i believe it is one way of helping them in preparing their future while spiritual education in the church is also being one of priority.

Help us pray for these folks to accept Jesus Christ by heart as i can see they are in need of the holy guidance. They are our outreach somewhere in Zamboanga del Norte. Still need education where there children grow without education. Got married children again not went to school .Help us pray for them.


Pray for this ministry in Bangladesh

Please join me in praying for Hermon Hira, his family, and his ministry. I met Hermon on LinkedIn and have received many scriptural words of encourage from him. Here is more about his ministry . . . in his own words.

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Hermon Hira . My father was a pastor, so I was raised in a Christian family. When I was very young, my parents dedicated me for Christ’s work, so I am honored that God has chosen me for His work!

We have been working in Bangladesh since 2006 with couple of ministry. And now we (I and my wife) working with Elohim Church and ministry. We had already witnessed God’s power in so many ways as we are enter so many year of our ministry.

God is at work in Bangladesh, and we are honored to be a small part of what He is doing. The focus of our work is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ among village/Hill tracts area. This includes sharing the Gospel to the people. As you might guess, it is quite challenging to share the Gospel with the people, but God is faithful.

Bangladesh is a Muslim country, so our work is not easy. Most of the people here do not tolerate other religions, but God is using us to bring lost souls to Jesus Christ.

Our Ministry Needs: Our Ministry financial policy involves support raising. We have no fixed salary. However, we must raise our living allowance, house rent, medical allowance, ministry expenses, etc. . .  In Matthew 10:10(b) Jesus said that “a worker is worthy of his support”, so we look to the Lord to provide our support needs. . . . We are convinced that that if God wants us to continue His work, He will provide the necessary resources.

Hermon Hira Elohim Church and ministry.



Follow-up Prayer Request

This is a follow-up request from Wednesday’s post from Pastor Prasadbabu in India. Please join me in prayer.

One of our church believer namely (RAMBABU) KAMAR. Not feeling well, doctors said heart surgery needed, he doesn’t have that much financial strategy. Keep in your prayer for his health and financial back graund, and family depend on him. Wife with one daughter and mother along with him. My all prayers follows from India.