Please join me in praying for Pastor Ontiri and his ministry in Kenya. Pray for his guidance and someone to help him in the ministry leadership and discipleship. He expresses a real need. I hope you will email him some encouragement at

From Pastor Ontiri:

Holy greetings in the above name of Jesus Christ. From Kenya kisii church and orphans children’s center.

I am a Spirit filled believer that passionately seeks to do the will of my Father, lift up and glorify Jesus Christ, and use the gifts He has given me to build up and encourage the Body of Christ around the world. we are located at kisii county kenyenya sub county getacho village how can you please help our orphans to get food and clothes also pray for our congregation to get Bible’s.

. . . We are a young Christian fellowship from Africa Kenya, since we do not have enough resources to make the work of God expand according to Mark 16, 15 and 17. . . Married and I have two kids that God has blessed , I start ministering when I was 15 year old through gospel music.

I am very much glad to introduce about Church history. I was born in family valued in traditional and cultures values and village where by people used to drink alcohol and homosexual, due to that the village has many orphans that their parents died of AIDS , it real affected the community as whole and nobody wanted to hear word of God. The community made me very frustrated and I had nothing to do, I started to pray for the community so that God to save people form sins / evil things , I start to teach people word of God house to house , sure God revealed himself to my community and enlighten people to who is God, with a small numbers we started a church of 10members under shade of tress.

Sure God his so faithful for his covenant People by now we  have worth 56 members were by they GIVE me hard time to teach them since most of them they do not know more about God or Holy Spirit, we are lack of spiritual materials e.g. Bibles, like now we have only 6 copies of bibles out of 96 church members.

 I am doing gospel ministry through our missionaries in remote villages . We are greatly blessed and feel privileged to know you through your website, learn about your faith and your desire to serve God.

We are an independent fellowship with one congregations desiring to be established in your Church ministry. Please pray for us. Also pray for our orphans to get food at this hard time

Pastor  Ontiri from Kenya kisii 1860 kisii Kenya Code 40200