Please join me in praying for this urgent prayer requests I just received from Pastor Davis Juma in Kenya. If you like, you can email him at And you can read about his ministry in these previous posts.

From Pastor Juma:

My dear sister today the rainstorm we had has never been witnessed for decades. One man came immediately it subsided and told me that from what he saw today showed him that God’s mercy is great for us because if he wants to destroy all of us it takes him a second.

It caused havoc almost in every home. The devastation it caused especially in my home is untold. The big trees I thought were strong were uprooted. The most dangerous thing is that the three big trees fell on the electricity cable that connects to meter and the main line pole. The cable broke from the meter box and fell to the ground. The meter box was detached from the wall and it is hanging outside. 

The greatest danger is with the cable that is lying on the ground and it is live with electricity. When one touches the other end he can be electrocuted. With the many kids in my home it is hard to control them. At least for now I have managed to control them locking them inside the house but the is for how long. 

I tried to contact  an electrician to come and help to either reconnect it or totally disconnect so that we save lives but Kenya is Kenya. He asked for what he will be paid and said unless I part with money he won’t come. 

We need prayers. You can pray for this also sister. I have attached here a few pics. Thank you and God Bless you.