Please join me in praying for Pastor Dennish Okinyi and this ministry in Kenya.

I have put together parts of several emails from Pastor Dennish. I have taken the liberty of doing a few small edits but leaving most of what he wrote as is:

The ministry have took 8 years since it bagun and God is always with us. The ministry located to migori SUNA West next to MAGONGO RIBE. We offered some education to these orphans and they learn under the tree because we lack classes. We provide food to them. We offered them a place where they can sleep in our places because we lack orphanage and other basic needs. We . . . pray for them. We build a small church where we use to pray in.

We keep orphans and we all ways praying that one day God do us a miracle to give us any body who is willing to give us support to this orphans and other widows which we have in church, because we lack financially status we are all but what God give us we give them. We need any body who can support us on this matter. . . . All we need to expand the word of God please we have so many orphans in my church and widows please help us in prayer so that God can show us the way on how we will manage this.