Please Pray for Broken Chains Ministry in Kenya

Please join me as I continue to pray for Pastor Joseph Kinuthia and Broken Chains Ministry in Kakamega, Kenya. You can read more about his ministry in this previous post.

Pastor Kinuthia’s most recent update:

GOD is good and His mercies endureth forever, we are fine here.
[Below are] photos of children who are orphans and widows. Pray for them as GOD opens doors towards enabling them get funds for their basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, education and medication) together with Bibles and other necessities.
Otherwise, trusting to hear from you and let GOD be on our side, amen.

Please Pray for Broken Chains Ministry in Kenya

Please join me in praying for Pastor Joseph Kinuthia and Broken Chains Ministry in Kakamega Kenya. Here is what he shared . . .

2018-11-27_13I started my ministry in the year 1998 – Broken Chains Ministry – with an aim of helping children accompanying their mothers to prisons, widows, orphans and street children. It is a non-profit making organization that was registered by the Kenyan Government.
As am saying now, I help 80 children in prison and 80 street children, and 32 widows in support under my ministry. In according to the international assessment report, I come from a poor city that is over 60% in poverty level. Despite this, there are great prayer warriors in this city who are really seeking GOD wholeheartedly. You can see for that for me to run such an event in meeting these needy people in society, it is by the help of volunteers and helpers, to which am also being assisted by my daughter.
How I always pray that I would get sponsors who can come in fully to help in this reaching out to the basic needs of such little children, including provision of milk and medication at 15 dollars a child on monthly basis. I was greatly touched to find out in one prison one child being dressed in nylon that was used as a nappy.
My ministry is licensed to work in 11 prisons within my country. So my dear sister, I always look for partners who can work together with us even in prayers and stand with us in support towards enabling the vision and purpose of this ministry to be achieved.

Yours  Brother,
Broken Chains Ministry
“Change a moment in time…!!!”

Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC

(Director, BCM; Agent/Coordinator, PCM – Africa)
P.O. Box 2881, 50100 Kakamega, Kenya
Phone: +254-715-245-692

Pray for These Widows in Uganda

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Jacob Olowo

A few days ago I asked for prayer for Jacob Olowo and his ministry in Uganda. You can read that post here. He has followed up asking for specific prayer for a group of widows in his community who are under his guidance and support. Here are their prayer requests:

1. To be funded to expand and involve in money making projects
2. To get shelter for themselves since majority live poor conditioned houses
3. To build up their meeting and office premises where they can easily conduct their project activities
4. To educate or pay tuition fees to their Orphan children, Grand children and other siblings under their care for future support in their homes
5. To continue united as one in their project groups
6. To show an example to other Widows in different communities.
7. To Pray for their late husbands rest in Eternal peace

Widows Saving Group

“Honor widows who are truly widows.”
1 Timothy 5:3 ESV