Update from this ministry in Pakistan

Please join me in continuing to pray for this wonderful ministry in Pakistan. Sohail Sadiq and I have been communicating on LinkedIn. If you missed the first post, please read about his ministry here.

Here are updates from our brother. Please don’t miss the names of imprisoned believers at the end of this post. Please continue to pray for them, their families, and for this ministry and everyone involved.

May 17

Dear Sister, Greetings! I’m very thankful to God, he is a good planner and provider of resources. Today God took a huge work from RYF that we were blessed to have Sunday school teachers and Pastors from local churches. Total of 12 church pastors and Sunday teachers were present.

We had a meeting for Children Prayer Minister in which we meet and greet and shared about Go2020 and the motive behind giving prayer Calendar. Teachers were blessed to know the goal of WSC and a vision to gather more prayer warriors. We are very thankful to God that he had his hand on our prayer fellowship.

Many Pastors shared Speeches to encourage Sunday School Teaches and everyone gained their fruits that God had in treasures for them today. God gave us lots of blessing, it is our need to now become the team member for the international prayer warriors.

Please keep in Prayers that may God keeps on blessing the partnership of RYF and WSC that may God keeps on growing us for the fulfillment of his plans in our nation, to gather more heads to bow down before God.

May 18

Sister, God is using RYF for the faithful and deserving people in Pakistan specially for widows. By the plan of God, RYF is collecting $470 asstemately to help a faithful lady who is a widow she is going through a terrible situation. This women have 2 children both boys one is 11 years and the other is 9 years old. Their roof is in very bad state that it can fall anytime. The coming season brings along so much rain and winds that the roof could fall. Secondly To run their daily life the 11 year boy is working at a factory on a salary of 5000Rs monthly the other boy is trying to find a job in a small shop. After talking to them I discovered that they both want to take education and have a bright and secure future ahead. Please keep her in your prayers . If God gives you burden to help her through your contribution this would be a great blessing for the widow. Please share this with as many friends as you can, so that God may open up their heart and the lady could be helped. Thank you.

May 26

Sister, Greetings, I hope you are fine and healthy. I’m very thankful to God that through the power of prayers God has granted justice to Asia Bibi may all the praises be given to God’s name.

I would like to request you that there are many persecuted people like Asia Bibi in Pakistan. Please keep them in prayers that may God give them justice and freedom so that they too can live their lives happily. Their families are still firm on their faith even after so much discriminate and hardships in every day life.

Pray that may this blasphemy law change and many lives will be saved and that may God open up ways for RYF to support these families. Thank you and God bless you!

14 Christian blasphemy accused, besides Asia Bibi throughout the years. Report on Blasphemy victims still in Jail Date Victims

  • Shugafta & Shafqat Accusation of Sending Blasphemous msg Jul-2013
  • Shezad Masih Using Blasphemous words Jul-2017
  • Qaiser Ayub Using Blasphemous words Nov-2014
  • Sawan Masih Blasphemous Comments Nov-2013
  • Imran Masih Blasphemous Video in phone May-2016
  • Nabeel Masih Posting a derogatory image on social media Oct-2016
  • Perzvaiz Masih Using Blasphemous words Sep-2015
  • Patras Masih Posting a derogatory image on social media Feb-2018
  • Awais Qamar Using PVC banner as carpet which had religious words Jul-2015
  • Humayun Faisal Burnt shreds of the Quran in a pile of Garbage May-2015
  • Ishfaq Masih Using Blasphemous words Jun-2017
  • Asif Stephen Burning of Quran Aug-2017
  • Nadeem Masih Blasphemous poem through text msg Oct-2015
  • Yaqoob Bashir Burning Booklet containing Quranic verses Jun-2015
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Please Pray for Broken Chains Ministry in Kenya

Please join me as I continue to pray for Pastor Joseph Kinuthia and Broken Chains Ministry in Kakamega, Kenya. You can read more about his ministry in this previous post.

Dear Friends of Broken Chains Ministry

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all who are praying and also standing together with me in this ministry so that we can reach out to help even those who are not able in the society. It is now over 22 years since this ministry started. The main work of Broken Chains Ministry basically is to help those children accompanying their mothers to prisons in Africa, reaching out to street children, widows and orphans.

You can see in these photos how the ministry is ministering to the children (please click on each picture for larger image):

The ministry is a non-governmental ministry that depends upon well-wishers in assisting it to undertake its tasks. This year we pray and request to meet partners who will enable us get clothing, nappies, milk, flour for the children. how we pray that we get you in support for a child with $15 every month. The ministry is reaching out to over 90 children. as the Bible says, “…For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.. I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me…” (Matthew 25:35-40); so dear brethren, for whatsoever you make to contribute towards these children will be highly appreciated by Broken Chains Ministry.

We have seen GOD doing miracles even in us in this Ministry.

As shown in these photos, we are giving milk to the mothers and their children in prison:

I am with a mother and the newborn having donated clothing at a cost of $4 for the newborn child

Again, I am with a newborn baby and her mother, having donated clothing to her. Then, I am sharing out with a child and her mother having also donated a clothing to her.

As the Bible again quotes, “…Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these..” (Matthew 19:14).

Herewith are street children, I am meeting them for a share and distributing to them a drink. The other shows the kind of life they are staying on in the streets. To satisfy for the daily needs (meals and drinks) of these children cost $3 per child. We also welcome you to stand with us towards making donations in reaching out to these children and giving them a satisfactory life, even as I declare, “…let’s plant where we expect not to reap…”

My brethren, I know that everyone of us have a role to do. [Note from Karen: Please pray for the financial assistance this ministry needs.]

We also invite your team to come and visit us in order to share of the gifts. The door is open to you all, and how will we appreciate your kind donations and prayers. Thanks so much for your concern and partnership. GOD bless you all.


These are some more photos to follow on this request prayer I have tabled before you, of which I wish all of you can be part of these blessings we are doing in the prisons.

This is a photo showing my daughter preaching to the inmates

These are evidence showing the goodness of GOD in enabling us to work and reach out to such in the society. For “…blessed are they who are merciful, for the shall obtain mercy…” (Matthew 5:7)


Please Pray for Broken Chains Ministry in Kenya

Please join me as I continue to pray for Pastor Joseph Kinuthia and Broken Chains Ministry in Kakamega, Kenya. You can read more about his ministry in this previous post.

Pastor Kinuthia’s most recent update:

GOD is good and His mercies endureth forever, we are fine here.
[Below are] photos of children who are orphans and widows. Pray for them as GOD opens doors towards enabling them get funds for their basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, education and medication) together with Bibles and other necessities.
Otherwise, trusting to hear from you and let GOD be on our side, amen.

Please Pray for Broken Chains Ministry in Kenya

Please join me in praying for Pastor Joseph Kinuthia and Broken Chains Ministry in Kakamega Kenya. Here is what he shared . . .

2018-11-27_13I started my ministry in the year 1998 – Broken Chains Ministry – with an aim of helping children accompanying their mothers to prisons, widows, orphans and street children. It is a non-profit making organization that was registered by the Kenyan Government.
As am saying now, I help 80 children in prison and 80 street children, and 32 widows in support under my ministry. In according to the international assessment report, I come from a poor city that is over 60% in poverty level. Despite this, there are great prayer warriors in this city who are really seeking GOD wholeheartedly. You can see for that for me to run such an event in meeting these needy people in society, it is by the help of volunteers and helpers, to which am also being assisted by my daughter.
How I always pray that I would get sponsors who can come in fully to help in this reaching out to the basic needs of such little children, including provision of milk and medication at 15 dollars a child on monthly basis. I was greatly touched to find out in one prison one child being dressed in nylon that was used as a nappy.
My ministry is licensed to work in 11 prisons within my country. So my dear sister, I always look for partners who can work together with us even in prayers and stand with us in support towards enabling the vision and purpose of this ministry to be achieved.

Yours  Brother,
Broken Chains Ministry
“Change a moment in time…!!!”

Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC

(Director, BCM; Agent/Coordinator, PCM – Africa)
P.O. Box 2881, 50100 Kakamega, Kenya
Phone: +254-715-245-692

Pray for These Widows in Uganda

pic jac

Jacob Olowo

A few days ago I asked for prayer for Jacob Olowo and his ministry in Uganda. You can read that post here. He has followed up asking for specific prayer for a group of widows in his community who are under his guidance and support. Here are their prayer requests:

1. To be funded to expand and involve in money making projects
2. To get shelter for themselves since majority live poor conditioned houses
3. To build up their meeting and office premises where they can easily conduct their project activities
4. To educate or pay tuition fees to their Orphan children, Grand children and other siblings under their care for future support in their homes
5. To continue united as one in their project groups
6. To show an example to other Widows in different communities.
7. To Pray for their late husbands rest in Eternal peace

Widows Saving Group

“Honor widows who are truly widows.”
1 Timothy 5:3 ESV