Please take a few minutes to read about Child Support Ministries Africa and join me in praying for them. (And be sure to view the photos below!)

Greetings from Kampala Uganda.
Dear Karen,

Warm greetings and thank you for offering to pray with and for us and to call other to pray for us and our work in with orphans and vulnerable children and youth in Uganda. My name is Anthony Onyango Yakobo.  I am the CEO of Child Support Ministries Africa Ltd (CSMA).

Child Support Ministries Africa Ltd (CSMA), is a not-for-profit organization (NGO) caring for orphans, vulnerable children, disadvantaged youth and widows in poor communities in Uganda, East Africa.  CSMA works to improve lives and prospects of orphans and vulnerable children who have no parents.  We work to improve children’s lives through education and vocational skills, provision of shelter for homeless children, we seek to provide food, clothing, heath care, household income generation for food security, and youth development programs that benefit whole communities, with a focus on orphans and vulnerable children and low income households.

Childcare & Protection.

CSMA’s advocates for the rights  and welfare of children  and youth  the through prevention of child exploitation practices such as child labor, child soldiers, child sacrifices, early marriages, sexual abuse and other forms of child abuse. We provide shelter for homeless children in orphanages and child support centers.

Education & Child Sponsorship

We work to increase children’s access to quality education through child sponsorships and bursary schemes focusing on orphans and vulnerable children.  Our education program further seeks to establish educational centers that provide nursery, primary, and secondary schools, and vocational skills training centers where children have access to quality education and hope for a brighter future.

Life Skills and Vocational Training

We provide vocational skills to equip both male and female youths to engage in development activities.  Vocational skills include but are not limited to the following:  computer and ICT skills, music skills, tailoring and dress making, hair dressing and salon management, baking skills, carpentry and joinery and making of African Arts and Crafts.

HIV/AIDS Intervention

We work with communities in HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, care, counseling, treatment, support and advocacy programs.  In addition we work with affected families, especially children and youth in nutrition, preventive health care activities and positive living.

Spiritual Nurture & Development

Child Support Ministries Africa (CSMA) is actively involved in promoting the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, by sharing with them the good news of the gospel and providing spiritual nurture through discipleship, training, bible clubs, and talents developments in Christian music, dance, drama, vocational Bible study, and weekly worship programs among children and youth in our Child Support Program in Uganda.   In addition, every school holidays, children take part in holiday “kids alive conferences”   where children learn the Bible and take part in various spiritual activities that enable them to grow in their spirituals lives and in their knowledge of and love for God.  During these programs, children and youth learn Bible stories, lessons from Bible Characters and they take part in Christian  skits, dramas and sharing Gods word with their fellow children and youth in the community, through personal evangelism and discipleship.   At the same time, children get involved in the weekly worship services of the local church, attend Sunday school classes and develop their  gifts and talents in music, singing, playing musical instruments and leading worship  in special worship services dedicated for  for children and youth.  Each of the children is given their on Bible and are taught and encouraged to ready their Bible daily.

WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)

Drilling boreholes, digging wells and protecting existing springs, rain water harvesting, irrigation and improving pit latrine facilities, conducting hygiene training programs for families living in slum arrears and low income communities.

Agribusiness & Food Security

We work to empower with widows and child-caregivers in micro enterprises and household income generation. This includes: crop growing, animal rearing, poultry keeping, fish farming and bee keeping for both domestic consumption and commercial purposes.

Girl-Child Empowerment Program

CSMA’s Girl-child Empowerment Program seeks to empower young disadvantaged girls through formal education and vocational skills training that enable them to realize their educational goals and become self-supporting and live dignified lives. The programs seek to empower promising disadvantaged girls with educational scholarships to enable them continue with in school and attain college/university education and realize their full potential.

Most disadvantaged girls drop out of school due to lack of financial support as soon as they lose their parents, and are not able to continue and complete their education in colleges and universities. The girl-child empowerment program seeks to provide educational scholarships to enable disadvantaged girls further their education in colleges and university and in vocational skills training institutions where they will learn employment skills that will enable them find formal employment or start their own income generating projects and become self-reliant

CSMA’s girl-child empowerment program aims at providing college scholarships to bright and promising disadvantaged girls to further their education.  The program includes an on-going mentoring program that provides mentorship to the girls under CSMA’s Girl-Child Empowerment Program in Uganda.

The program gives orphans and vulnerable girls the opportunity to further their education in national colleges and universities, and attain life skills at top colleges and universities in Uganda.  The seeds of quality education will bear fruit in breaking the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and will bring about development for the community where the girls live as well as the country as a whole.

The scholarships is to be given to disadvantaged girls seeking post-secondary school education and professional courses at national colleges/universities in Uganda, as well as those seeking to pursue various vocational  skills at different vocational  institutions  in Uganda.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for a larger orphanage facility for the orphans in Uganda.

CSMA is currently in need of a spacious facility in Kampala Uganda for sheltering orphans and vulnerable children.  The current facility is very small and not adequate for housing all the children, especially now that some of the girls have grown and become teenagers and there is need for the girls to have privacy.  Starting this year 2019, appealing for  financial support specifically for renting a larger and more spacious  facility in Kampala,  preferable a large house with four to five bedrooms,  having separate bathroom, a kitchen and dining area, and a compound  in a secure environment, for the children and youth to live in.  Please pray that the Lord will provide the funds needed to secure this facility.

Anthony Onyango Yakobo, CEO
Child Support Ministries Africa Ltd
P.O. Box 28454
Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256 782 691 159

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