Please join me in praying for Chilungamo Hilltop Faith-Based Organisation in Malawi. You may read about this ministry on this previous post. I just heard from him with news of these great needs:

Hello. I am Blessings Phiri from Malawi whereby i am much concerned with disasters which are happening here in Malawi of which early March this year floods destroys a lot of house and buildings, wash away cultivated crops making alot of people to remain homeless and no food.

The disaster also killed a lot of people. In addition to that the disaster has just also happened because of non-stop rainfall associated with strong wind so called cyclone just happened again 3 days ago where it destroys a lot of buildings and kill a lot of people in different areas here in Malawi, and it also damages a lot of hectares of cultivated land. Almost 16 thousands hectares of cultivated land has been washed away by floods.

We are expecting to experience droughts in many areas here in Malawi according to survey done by government and as I am saying now I have been also affected with this disaster whereby the strong wind destroys class room’s at my Centre named Chilungamo hilltop early childhood development Centre. We provide education to orphans and vulnerable children and other vocational skills. The classroom’s been damaged was constructed last year to help the children to have good learning environment and also to accommodate the large number of children, but we thank God no one was injured. The sad news is that the children are not safe after they are using an open space for learning though we still experience rainfall.

Lastly please allow me to ask you to help us with prayers and any support so that we can be able to renovate our classrooms, See some photos below.