I recently met Jean Rony Toussaint on LinkedIn. Please read about his ministry below and join me in praying for them.

temp_image_20180820_220136_1b09c5f7-c3bd-427d-a7c2-7e2b305c1037_172304223My name is Jean Rony Toussaint, the President of ASHOG, a registered Haitian charity which does not receive any funding or support from the Haitian government. I’m a teacher and also very active leader in my church in Anse-a-Galets, La Gonave Island. I have been working for the people of La Gonave for many years, trying to improve the lives of the impoverished, orphaned and disabled people. I speak quite good English. We are always looking for individuals or teams who would like to visit (short or long term), spend time with the people, encourage people, medical teams, building teams, teaching/school or orphanage visits, or anything at all. It is such an amazing place. The people are so grateful for any assistance they receive. And despite their extreme poverty, they are so generous and kind. It will be a life-changing experience I can assure you, and a trip God will richly bless.

We at Association of Caring for the Handicapped people and Orphans of La Gonave Island, Haiti (ASHOG) hope you are having a wonderful day. We would like to introduce our organization to you.  ASHOG was founded in 1996, by me, Pastor Jean Rony Toussaint; ASHOG is an Evangelical Christian organization that provides basic services to children, the elderly, and the disabled across La Gonave. La Gonave is one of the poorest and most forgotten regions of Haiti.

Our goal is to increase the livelihood of orphans, children, and the disabled throughout La Gonave. We do not receive financial assistance from the Haitian government. We’ve been operating on the generous donations of visitors, locals, and small donations we receive from children sponsorships donors. This is not sustainable we know, but the living conditions are terrible. Help us help them!

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to assist the residents of La Gonave Island to live in dignity and hope through providing nutrition, clean water, financial support for medical care, safe housing, and education. We believe that this support will enable the community to thrive in a sustainable manner. And to support the poor, especially the disabled those struggling to survive is the purest form of respect for all human rights.

To present our Lord Jesus Christ in faith and actions by improving the living conditions of the underprivileged and disadvantaged.

Prayer Requests

  • Donations to help with childcare at the children’s home, food and personal items, water, chicken food, and needed workers.
  • A sponsor for the children’s home.
  • Help to improve the daily lives of the many handicapped people on LaGonave Island.
  • Provision to start a special needs program in the local school
  • Provision to build on our two pieces of land. We hope to build an orphanage, a care home for disabled/frail people, and a day center for handicapped people.
  • A fresh water well drilled on the island.