Please join me in praying for Praise Power Church in Liberia. I recently connected with Johnson Wreh on LinkedIn and he has sent me the following information:

2018-8-22_4Praise Power Church was founded in 2005 by my late father Pastor Elijah N Wreh and my mother Esther M Wreh. The church planted three branches, two in Monrovia and one in River Gee county. The church believes in the word of God and also the Trinity.
The church was able to help people  affected from the Liberia civil war by rehabilitating and helping the orphans. The church also help widows and elder people with grocery in the communities. Due to the economical hard ship with in the nation Liberia, which God had bless with all the nature resources but due to the wickedness of our leader the people are suffering. Right now the church can’t help a lot of it’s members after my late father passed.
Right now the church is believing in God to open a school to help less privileged children and also orphans who are in need of education. The church also believing in God to plant other churches around Liberia mainly in these remote villages were the gospel haven’t reach. The church is also hoping to open a Bible school that will help the members learn the word of God.
Therefore our prayers point are:
  • asking God to increase the membership
  • God should give us more grace to plant other churches
  • open a Bible school,
  • asking God to empower the church to help the less privileged youths and elder people
  • and we also hoping if we can get Bibles from any donors because most of our members don’t have Bibles.

Rev. E. Narplah Wreh, Sr. 2Rev. E. Narplah Wreh, Sr. 3