Please join me in continued prayer for missionaries Victor and Dorcas Mushimbami and their ministry in Tanzania (they are from Zambia). And praise God for what He is doing! You may read more about their ministry in these previous posts. Their recent newsletter is below. Feel free to email them to let them know you are praying for them!



Grace and peace to you from our Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!

What a sweet fellowship have in the lord Jesus Christ. Hope this newsletter has found you enjoying this fellowship we have with him.

Though we are far from our families, we still feel like home because of your love, support and the presence of Christ which is always with us. Thank you for your love and support!

It is another day to testify what the Lord is doing in our midst:

A quick background of a new Church

We planted this Church in June, Tanga, Tanzania. Our first members were me, my wife and baby girl. Then God started using our marriage and life style to influence our Muslim neighbor. She opened up to us and we entered into her life with the love and the gospel of Christ. She experienced this love and accepted Christ. Her husband was in another city by that time. We have been living in a way that would attract Muslims to Christ. She became our fourth member. We would love to inform you that, she is from the most feared and difficult Muslim tribe called the “Digos”. These are Muslims who are strictly in following the Quran and Muhammad’s way of life. We advised her to remain a secrete disciple as Nichodemus was to Jesus, but secretly teaching her the word of God. Apart from Muslims, Tanga also has nominal Christians. Most of these nominal Christians are Lutherans and Catholics. They are as hard to win as Muslims and one of the biggest challenges. God is slowly bringing them to a new church. We are in between 15-20{members} if all come.

A Muslim woman said no to the Quran                                           


Tanga is an Islamic region. Muslims have a negative view of what a church is. Not only that, they think Christianity is just another religion like Islam. There is a reason to this: it started when Christians developed a view that Muslims cannot be completely changed if they still hold on to their Islamic names. They decided to start changing their names. This news spread all over Tanga. Muslim therefore concluded Christianity is just another religion like Islam. So, it is ok to remain there because nothing special about going into it. In the picture, is a new house group we recently started. We started with a catholic and a Muslim sister. We asked our Muslim sister, after preaching of the gospel, what she would prefer, a Quran or the Bible? Surprisingly, she chooses the bible and she said “I have got nothing to do with the Quran. I want to know the God of the Bible” {Tabu}. Last Saturday after preaching of the gospel, the lord opened their eyes to the truth. Praise the lord! We now have four house groups. We are preaching, bringing them into a house group, help their needs, disciple them and those who believe are brought into the house {Church}. We now have 5 house groups.

Mr. and Mrs. Kifua


Life is not so easy with this couple. They are going through a lot. Mr. Kifua is working as a security guard. His two sons are both studying, the older at a high school and the younger at a primary. It has not been easy for them. We are calling on you to lift them before the throne of Grace. Mr. Kifua will retire this coming December and he will engage into full time evangelism, Disciple making, Church planting and helping the poor. His worry is how his life will be like after he stops working. He is a gifted evangelist who is under training. He is also a member of our church. He is someone who is teachable and humble, able to put into practice what is learning. We want to help him live his last life for the glory of the lord, as he brings many souls into glory. Once he is well equipped and trained, we will send him as a missionary with his wife. Our lessons with him are usually on Tuesdays, praying for one more day.


  • Praise the lord for the church growth we have been seeing for the past six months. God has been merciful to us as we server him.
  • Praise the lord for the new house group. A Muslim will receive a bible this coming Saturday
  • Pray for a Church in the midst of Muslim. We need God’s protection and we also need a place in town for a church. House groups will remain as cell groups and for midweek meetings.
  • We are still praying for a house. This is one of the ways to raise support. Besides that, we will also have a family house.
  • Pray for Evangelist kifua. We thinking of supporting him, after the training, as our missionary.
  • Pray for our work and residence permit. It will expire next year April. We need to start the process as early as January.
  • Pray for students at CCMT {Center for Christian Missions Tanzania Bible College}. We are thinking of supporting two or three students who could not manage to pay required fee. These are students who are already involved in missions. We have worked with them before and we know their hearts and passion.

For Correspondences:
Emails: vmushimbami47@mail,com
WhatSapp: +255746209658

For His Glory,
Victor and Dorcas Nushimbami