Please join me in continued prayer for missionaries Victor and Dorcas Mushimbami and their ministry in Tanzania (they are from Zambia). You may read more about their ministry in these previous posts. One of Dorcas’s focuses is the Dorcas Acts of Compassion. Her recent newsletter is below. Feel free to email them to let them know you are praying!



Greetings to you mission friends and families!

Hope this newsletter has found you in good health. We always pray for you and your families. You are such a blessing to us!

We would once again love to update you about how this new ministry is doing {Dorcas Acts of Compassion}. It is such a privilege to show you how your work, through us is blessing souls of Tanga.

A Muslim widow received a gift

This woman doesn’t have a husband. She is staying with a child who is suffering from mental disorder. They are living in a very small house. She is very committed to our Sunday evening bible study. This woman has got no one to support her. She doesn’t sleep, thinking about what they would eat the following day. They live for whatever they have today without any hope of having tomorrow. We took time to know her and pray with her. We have seen and confirmed that this woman had never known joy. She is so thankful to God for Acts of Compassion which provided rice to her. She couldn’t believe after receiving that gift in her hands. When i asked her to smile, it stretched to the mile. She smiled for almost 5 minutes and her heart is now full of joy! We are slowly bringing her into the house of God {Church}.

 I have seen that God loves me!

She is called Mama Anna; we call her a woman of joy! Her smile covers her problems. We came to know about what she has been going through after spending days with her and visiting her home. She has five children and she has got a husband.  The husband doesn’t work. She depends on asking food from neighbors and friends. She had been praying for God’s provision for years until we gave her a gift of rice. She will be supported every month. She is the one who introduced us to school ministry, she is a tool in the hands of our maker and a woman of peace. “There are so many people with needs here in tanga, who am I that the Lord would bring you to me?” she said. She is one of the women who need business capitals. After receiving a gift, she looked at her children and said “God has given me more children”.

We would want to share more and more, but we don’t want to steal your time. Look at one more update below:

       The gospel reaching Schools

God has opened door in schools. Almost every school in our area has accepted us. We will be playing games with them, preach and counsel in the ways of the lord. We will also be teaching world religions. It will be an opportunity for them to compare Christianity with other religions. Pray that Christ will be glorified. We are preaching in both primary and secondary schools.    

This will need lot of support and preparations. They will need football outfits and balls in the near future. We are also praying that we would start sponsoring three children from each school with books and school fees.  We are growing our friendship and trust with them. Some of these children are Muslims.

                                   Thank you for your love and support!

We are calling on you to lift prayer request below before the throne of grace:


  1. Thank God for families who were able to receive acts of love.  Some received food while others received money for medication.
  2. Thank God for this ministry. It is growing and Christ is being seen walking on the streets of Tanga.
  3. Pray for more people to come in. The needs are great both physically and spiritually. We really need your support!
  4. Pray for women training. We are thinking about training widows to work with their hands and provide business capitals
  5. Pray for us: we also need God’s provision. When there is nothing to give, we sometimes give what is in our house. It is also our pray that this ministry can grow and be a blessing not only to the people of tanga, but to people who are also in the 10/40 window. Missionaries and souls in that area.

Thank you so much!

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For His glory,

Dorcas Mushimbami.