Please join me in continued prayer for Apostle Lucas Obanda, his family, and the New Hope Fellowship Church in Kenya. They have an urgent need for food to help people through the pandemic. I hope you will take a few minutes to visit their website to learn more about this wonderful ministry. You may also read more about them in this previous post.

This is a recent message from Pastor Obanda:

 I have A PRAYER REQUEST  that i would please like to present to you !!

We would please like to continue helping and supporting less privileged families in our communities and churches in Kakamega county in this Covid 19 Pandemic. Since February this year we my ministry team and church have been helping out with foods freely to affected families since Covid 19 lock downs was introduced.

As most of the families are living in poverty and lack they could not afford any meal as everything was locked down. They could not move, there was no where they could work as all places of work were closed.
We did gave as we could afford from our little resources that was in our hands. We bought maize ( CORNS ) , RICE, SUGAR, SOAPS, COOKING OIL BEANS, and donated freely to  families that was starving every week.  You can see the pictures of distribution [below].

 Here one bag of corn costs 90 kg @ 3200 kenya shillings, Rice one bag 50kg cost @ 5000 kshs, Sugar one bag 90kg costs @ 9000 kshs, beans one bag 90 kg costs @ 10.000 kshs , Cooking oil 20 litres costs @ 4000 kshs.   Bar soap one box  @ 3000 kshs. 

Kindly due to little resources in our hands we cant help out  to these people every week. Unless you and another one help us to support them we will not be able to give out this relief foods and help save lives. Pray that God will help supplying the needed foods and funds to enable us be a blessing to this body of Christ. Thank you so much.

Pastor Lucas obanda0720 056 245