Please join me in praying for pastor Osoro Alex Azuma from Kisii-Kenya, founder of New Jerusalem International Ministry. And it would be great if you could encourage him by taking a couple of moments to email him to let him know you are praying!
In an earlier email, he said, “Our church has touched hundreds of lives in its two years of existence. Many have come to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through the sermons, Bible Studies and the empowering ministries that have addressed the individual needs of the whole person through the Five -Fold vision. This ministry has been a combined “labor of love” by so many that believe that our faith should be a “faith in Action”. Hundreds of lives have been transformed, restored, given hope and a helping hand.”
From Pastor Alex:
Our ministry which is called New Jerusalem International Ministry which am the founder together with my wife Helen Azuma was established in the year 2021,
We are in our humble beginnings, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ we have now close to 60 members, almost all of them come from relatively poorest of the poor families,
Our divine mandate as a Ministry is to;

1. Reach out to the lost ones,
2. Preach Christ to them,
3. Disciple them through Bible studies so they can be ambassadors of Christ,
We do more of evangelistic work through door to door, and hold crusades as the Holy Spirit leads us.
Also where our ministry is situated there’s is deep practice of witchcraft, and many believe in ancestral gods, God has enabled us through our Sunday services to show them who is the true God.
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray that there be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our land because I believe God has called us to be vessels whom He will use to bring revival in our land and to the nations.

2. Pray for financial breakthrough so we can be able fully renovate the church, buy church instruments, and also be able to buy food. There a times I and my wife almost sleeps hungry. We have surrendered our lives to serve God but poverty has been the greatest hinderance in our lives,

3. Pray also that we can be able to purchase the land so we built a permanent place for our Lord Jesus Christ.