Please join me in praying for Bishop Michael Onyancha and his ministry in Kenya.
From Bishop Onyancha:
I hope that God has every good reason and purpose for us to get connected.I know and Believe that Together in Ministry work we are going to reach the Lost souls as the Bible says in Luke 4;18-19. Africa Kenya Will have a new name and will move from the dark ages, people will know the will of God.
Allow me please share with you more little about my work and my prayer request to you. We are located in a place where Mormons and the Muslims are taking root. Most people here have no Bibles and they use Mormon Books and the Muslim teachings that is misleading many from knowing the True Gospel of God. God has blessed me with a church where I serve the People not as a Master but a Simple servant  to be used by God to reach His People.
. . . We Have no Bibles for the People and I pray that you be a blessing to us to help us have Bibles. I have sent you photos  of my church,orphans outreach mission that i do to reach those with jiggers.  Feel free  to post them and Who ever Will have a heart will Help.  I have 3 old women of 90 years who need support and Help.

. . . I have a Compassionate Heart for the poor orphans  and we have some in our care and I pray that you keep them in your prayers for the Lord to meet with their needs..