I hear often from Hermon Hira in Bangladesh. You may read previous posts about him and his ministry here. Hermon and his wife have planned couple seminars and leadership training in a mountain area in Bangladesh in the coming months. Please join me in praying. You may also want to follow his blog here.

I will go to my ministry mountain area of Bangladesh 19 January to the tribe nation.Through our ministry we prayed and decided to do this year 12 couple seminar and 6 leadership training in mountain area with tribe nation with whom we doing our ministry work last couple of years.

We need huge support for this. Our God is king of Kings and Rich of Richs. He will make a way for us . For this reason we going to arrange a whole fasting prayer last 17 January. Our ministry whole team will pray from different places. You can join with us through your prayers. God bless you.

I and my wife set and made a very cheap budget about our each program. One-day couple seminar we need 300$ for 60 participate. And each leadership training for 3 days we need 450$. Our God is King of Kings. He will provide us as we believe and depends on God.