Henry Rufuta recently contacted me to request prayer for these ministries in Tanzania.
We are the Church known us International Rock Assembly Church of Africa-Tanzania, IRACA(T). Our headquarters is at Misungwi Mwanza Tanzania. We have established our church since 2013 up to this year we have already got the registration. For now we have permittee to serve the Lord anywhere.
Another thing myself I work with Evangelism Explosion International. We teach Adult believers how to share the gospel and we train Sunday School teachers then them self they went their home and implement to their churches. All of this we need fund to enable Clinics and workshop done, together with prayers.

I need your prayer for our Church and Ministry of training Pastors, Elders and Sunday School teachers in various denominations. I need fund to enable me conducting Clinic for Adult, to train them the way of sharing the Good News of Jesus.