Please join me in praying for Pastor Daudi Msimbe and his ministry in Arusha Tanzania, East Africa. I have been communicating with him on LinkedIn:

My name is Daudi Thomas Msimbe…..Pastor and founder of Great Vision Pentecostal Church and Ministry of People Shipping Centre. We thank God for the registration of our ministry. Now that we are known by our Government, we are able to do our ministry openly and freely, also to share what we do with our friends and partners out there.

We have been working mostly inside church, teaching and equipping church members with the knowledge of God’s word, so that they can be ready to go out there and making others disciples. We have been thinking of reaching more to the society now, doing mercy ministries.We are planning on visiting prisoners, the sick and the less privileged, though we don’t have much to offer but we want to start with the little we have..We know the love of God will manifest through us and their lives will be touched, as we do that we will also be sharing the gospel and offer some prayers.

We want to do door to door evangelism as well as visiting our local schools. There are a lot of children and youth that we can teach Gods word also talk about youth stuff like how to eat healthy, some challenges they face as they are growing. We would like you to partner with us in prayers or in any other ways you can.

Need your prayer support God to provide us money to complete our church and office building.