I recently connected with Rev. Biswajit Debnath, who has Wave of Mercy ministries in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Please join me in praying for these ministries. He introduced himself this way:

I received to Jesus Christ as my personal saviour from a Hindu priest background in 2001. After I came from Bible collage I and wife together start church planting ministry work from 2007.

God gave me a Vision that is- 3000 church planting within 2030. I have a burden for Hindu and Muslim people groups in West Bengal and Bangladesh. And that’s why we are doing church planting ministry work among Hindu and Muslim people groups. We have have ministry name is-“WAVE OF MERCY MINISTRIES- vision for West Bengal and Bangladesh.

At present we have 66 house churches (church size- 12-17 believers) and 15 children ministry and 8 women ministry. We have some leaders and pastors working together for the same vision in West Bengal and Bangladesh. But we have need your help to fulfill our vision for 2030. Please pray for us and for team and Ministry.

Here is most of their August newsletter, including praise reports and prayer requests. I hope you will take a few minutes to read through it. What a wonderful ministry!

First of all I want to give so many thanks to our precious Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this responsible about doing ministry work in whole West Bengal and Bangladesh.

This month we are doing some kind of program like…..

1) Cell group or house churches is growing fastly: — By the God’s grace, we were able to start cell group or house churches in a number of districts of West Bengaland Bangladesh. In this small house church, about 10 to 15 people gathered together. These home churches are usually done in a home of a believer’s house or who is taking local leadership. These small churches are started through the evangelism at new villages or through personal evangelism. Our all grassroots level ministry leaders working very hard for the kingdom of God. Our maximum leaders doing this work afternoon time. Our men and women leaders are doing this kind of ministry work

2) Leaders meeting for vision casting–

We are doing every month leaders and disciple meeting. Because our leaders are doing ministry work independently. We are not giving any financial help. So some time they are getting very upset. Because maximum leaders are from very poor background. And they have no a good income for maintain their family. So naturally, they are frustrated some time. So that’s why we are doing every month meeting, we call them at one place and doing 2 days or 3 days meeting. Discussing about their family, ministry field.. problem, results, so many things we discusses. And we try to push them in God’s field. We discuss vision that God gave in our heart. And we give them a challenge every month for doing more hard work. But still now in Bangladesh we are not able to start this kind of meeting.

3) Monthly fasting and prayer 3 days –

2018-9-26_fast-and-prayFasting and prayer is very important for our ministry. Every month 3 days we are doing fasting and prayer. Our leaders and some believers those who are going for future leader for ministry these people come together at our place for doing fasting and prayer 3 days.

From morning to evening we are doing fasting prayer and then night time we are doing together eating. God gives answer our prayer through this prayer time.


4) People receiving to Jesus and getting baptism :–

Our pastors, ministry women and leaders are doing preaching work and doing also fellowship. Through there hard work God blessing to us and new people accepting Christ and getting water baptism. Last 3 month 23 people getting water baptism. And this a result from our ministry.

5) Testimony / Story:–

This couple took water baptism on 12/ 07/18.2018-9-26_testimony

And One leader gave them water baptism.  But this fruits from Rabina Murmu field.

Before came to Christ they from Hindu Santali background. When Rabina started children free tuition centre at their village, their one small child name is- Babusona Murmu (Male, 6 years) start coming this centre every day. And getting good class from that centre. So when Rabina Murmu called to stud4nts parents for one fellowship, these couple came and from that fellowship first time listen about Jesus. And slowly they became interested in Jesus love.

So one day they received to Jesus as their personal saviour. And also after some days they take water baptism.

Now this family are coming that fellowship every week.

Please pray for that family.

5) Praise Point :–

  • We give thanks to Jesus for His grace upon us and upon our ministry. And also thanks to you also that your prayer and support God help us to do His ministry.
  • One of our Pastor BarunDhali last month his wife give a new baby born. And child and mother both are well. Thank you Jesus for His mercy.
  • 23 new people get water baptism last 3 month. So it is a great blessing for us.
  • By the grace of God we start ministry work in Bangladesh. And there we get some very good and hard work leader for doing ministry with us.
  • Our one pastor Rajkumar Sarkar wife also give born a new baby. And they are both are well.

6) Prayer request:–

  • Please pray for my family and also all leaders family, specially from finance side. Pray for us, so that God provide our all needs for our family.
  • Need one rent house and it is very need for our ministry. Because every month we are doing leaders meeting, fasting prayer, but because of no night stay place people are getting lost their interest to coming. So please pray for one building rent.
  • For Bangladesh we have some ministry leaders, so we are praying for some travelling money for them, so that they can do a good ministry work.
  • Please pray for me, I have need some travelling money for going and visiting leaders family, leaders meeting, and district to district.
  • We want to do one conference month of November. Please pray for participants and also budget.
  • Next September month we will do one leaders meeting 2 days only for women leaders. Please pray for that meeting and also pray for budget.
  • We will open one orphanage home at my house next January month with 15 orphan children. Please pray.

Thank you

Biswajit Debnath.