Please join me in praying for Pastor Jamil Salik and his ministry in Pakistan. Pastor Salik contacted me recently to tell me a little about his ministry and request prayer. He started this way . . .

Here I am working for soul winning. And working for orphans and for persecuted families and for widows.

Even I have Christian literature ministries. I have skill to translate international material which is best for Pakistani nations and for churches and they come to Lord. So keep praying our all ministries in your prayers. Shalom

I encourage you to visit Pastor Salik’s websites to learn more about this exciting ministry. One is Ambassador of God Ministries International. Here is a short quote from that site:

God is using us with mighty power of the Holy Spirit and doing wonderful works, miracles, signs & wonders and braining restoration and the Spirit of God moving in lives. Many people are receiving healing from diseases & sickness, blind eyes opening, paralyzed people healed, lames are walking, deaf ears are listening, dumb started speaking and demons possessed released in the name of Jesus Christ. For that we give all glory, praise and honor to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The other website is Feeding Orphan Ministries. Here are some pictures from that site:

Pastor Salik also sent pictures from a healing crusade.

here i am sending you again attach some Pictures of my Crusade where i have been preached and many souls were came to Christ and accept to Christ, also here you can see that my churches kids Distributing tracts

Part of this ministry involves reaching out to Hindus.

here i am sending you Pictures of evangelism among Hindus also i have been preached in Hindus Temple , and many Hindus and gentiles came to the Lord, Praise God.