lightstock_62135_xsmall_user_6214500I recently received this message. The sender has given me permission to post this as long as no names are mentioned (for their protection). Please join me in praying for these faithful brothers and sisters who are enduring so much–things I cannot even imagine.

I encourage you to post your prayers and encouraging words in response to this post so these dear believers can read them.

good day We are a small Christian community We live in the Islamic republic of Mauritania This country where one hundred percent are Muslims Because of our faith they persecutes us in the following ways 1 No one of us can say in publicly I am a Christian if he said that the population can kill him 2 We cannot do our service on Sunday 3 We hide everything that have done 4 If we work with someone and he is aware o f our faith in Jesus he will make us to leave the work of immediately now we have many problem in this country that why we wrote for all our brother in the world we need help God bless all our brothers and sisters Mauritania Christian community