Pray for Cornerstone Agape Church in Kenya

Please join me in praying for Bishop Benson Wanyonyi and Cornerstone Agape Church in Kenya. Bishop Wanyonyi describes the church ministry this way:

It’s fully registered with the government of Kenya. The church originated as a result of house to house evangelism and prayer services in the year 2014 April. Since then we’ve just been fellowshipping under one of the members compound under a tree. Working it out to get a church plot and build. Most of the members here are small scale farmers who can’t afford to raise funds for their families needs and also raise funds to buy a church plot so we are working out to bake bricks and sell and see if we can manage to get a plot and build. Kindly continue praying with us.

These brothers and sisters have no church building and worship under trees, as you can see below. Please pray for them to be able to build a church. Part of their vision is to someday have guest rooms and a conference hall for missionaries as well.


Pray for New Hope Ministries in Malawi



Pastor and His Wife, Glory

Please join me in praying for Pastor Mazareth Mfune and his wife, Glory, and New Hope Ministries. You may read about his ministry in this previous post.

Here are their recent prayer requests:

  • We need bicycles for evangelism, bicycles are great need.
  • Daily needs of orphans
  • Also we ask for your prayers we need to have farm where we can be taming chicken and goats for a sustainable income.
  • Please pray for upcoming crusade. We just want to have 3 days soul winning crusade with our city where many people here they believe ancestors spirits and worship idols. so we pray for it. also we need to use door to door Jesus campaign.

Urgent Prayer Request for Salvation of Witch Doctor

Please join me in praying for Pastor Davis Juma and his outreach to a witch doctor in Kenya. You may read about Pastor Juma’s ministry here. I received an email from him this morning asking for prayer:

My beloved sister Karen,
I am very grateful for your prayers. God is good!
I finally had the chance of meeting a witch doctor. It is very funny. When we were entering his home we found him doing his antics in the in front of his house. I think when he knew we were almost coming he began moving around uttering some some incomprehensible words while wearing some dry banana leaves and other leaves. When I saw this I knew that it was meant to scare us or beat us into submission that indeed he has great powers than the one we had. But my heart was strong. No trembling.

After about 30 minutes he darted into his house and after waiting outside for another ten minutes he sent his wife to invite us in. If I had no blood of Jesus with me I would have run away. The first thing we met at the door were some skulls of unknown animals. Inside the house was a dead chicken lying on a piece of an old sack on the floor. According to the witch doctor the chicken was struck dead by the spirits to save the life of one man who had been bewitched elsewhere and had been asked to come with the chicken and some money. He said the chicken died instantly by itself after the spirits drunk blood from it. In one corner there were many gourds of all sizes. Around the gourds there were pieces of cloths of both males and females. There was a curtain that separates the sanctuary of the spirits and the rest of the room. He said the spirits reside in the sanctuary and that is where the spirits speak to people who come with problems and need help. They only   speak with them after bringing cattle, goats, sheep or even chicken that the spirits ask.

Now hell broke loose when two alternating  strange voices like those of toothless  people came from the sanctuary speaking in Swahili and with the accent of the Zanzibaris (people from Zanzibar  in Tanzania) saying, ”enyi wageni hamujakuja kwa nia njema. Sisi tunakaa  hapa na hatuna mwili lakini tuyaona yote yanayotendedeka katika ulimwengu mwenu. Toeni pesa, donge nono la sivyo muondoke”. Loosely translated, ”You guests  did not come in good faith. We live in the spirit world but we see everything that happens in your world. Bring money, good money or else get out”.  Up to now I do not know if the witch doctor has people who help him and have trained them to change voices in order to coerce unsuspecting customers who come to seek his services to give money. My first instinct was to gather courage and shout them down but again I said to myself that it will jeopardize our witness. My other evangelist who had accompanied me was so terrified that he moved where the warrior was.
After about 5 minutes of silence the witch doctor took some already prepared concoction and poured in the calabash and held a staff and knelt towards the sanctuary and said, ” Our elders and protectors  who are keeping us safe in a higher world, we respect you and ask you humbly to allow our visitors say what they want.” To that effect the so called spirits said, ” But where is our share, we are hungry”. The witch doctor said that everything will be okay soon and they agreed.
He then took us outside the house under a tree and  introduction began.  After that I seized the opportunity and began talking about the nature of our mission there and about Christ,,blah, blah. We talked and talked  until the witch doctor said that he inherited this spirits from his late father and they  have been using them to help people and protect them. He said that the spirits live inside two huge gourds and are kept behind the curtain.  In short though he did not openly accept salvation but promised to come to our revivals tomorrow evening  and he said that he has never attended a church before and that he is ready to join the church if we accept to go back and burn those gourds and pray for him and his paraphernalia of witchcraft soon.  He said that if we will burn those gourds and we do not die instantly then he will really believe in Christ and his power. When he said this I said in my heart that Jesus has already overcome.
He then asked me for a Bible because he wanted to go and read for himself what I was reading to him. I said that I will soon get him one. He said he will come before this week ends and get it. I did not want to argue with him.
Our dear ministry partners please pray for us. The battle is yet to be over. I am praying this will be done in broad daylight as people witness. I have sent a picture that I secretly took when he was doing his dances in front of his house before we got inside.
So far 158 people have accepted Christ.
If you may have something please assist me so that I rush and get a few bibles tomorrow for new converts. And maybe if it can be extra I can send to my wife whom I left with little food. She can share with the wives of my evangelist who are here with me.
Yours In God’s Service
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing the lost and feeding the found.


Update from Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya

Please continue to join me in praying for Pastor Bushebi and the Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya:



Receive Warm greetings from your Family and ministry in Africa through our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!

With 32 church members, Pastor Joseck called us to hold prayers for the completion of the new Namalenge GBF Church building. The Lord moved powerfully and blessed many in the congregation with Healing and deliverance. The church need resources for Roofing, Plastering walls, Flooring etc We praise Him for all He’s done!!!

– 27 people gave their lives to Christ during last week’s Funeral and burial services of Sister Belvin Auma
– 3 People gave their lives to Jesus after we prayed for the sick at Bungoma General Hospital
– 1 Man gave his life to Christ when he came into our office for financial help on Tuesday march 12th
All glory to our Lord forever!!!

– 2 people got delivered from familiar spirits at funeral place
– 7 Were prayed for deliverance from demonic tormenting
– One got healed from chest pains
– 2 got healed from Knee and foot infections
– The Lord destroyed Witchcraft in Wamunyiri area; the snakes, fetishes etc
All glory to the Lord in Heaven!

Prayer Requests

Sister Belvin Auma together with her husband Reuben were riding on a Bicycle when they involved in an accident on a steep murram road with a Pic-Up vehicle on their way to Sioya GBF church service on March 10th 2019. This caused Sister Belvin’s death by hitting to breaking her head on the Vehicle. We were asked by Reuben’s Mother (Widow) to help. The Lord blessed with 27 People giving their lives in the 3 services we had in their home. Belvin had just been married for 4 months and loved the Lord. [In pictures above, (left) husband, Reuban, 24 years, testifying at wife’s burial service; (right) congregation at burial service.]

Over one million people are affected by Famine and hunger, going without food, water and now shifting to different areas without shelter. We have a responsibility to pray for God’s supply for these vulnerable groups.

We have come to the end of the resources the Lord provided in the 2018 Missionary trip. We now trust our Lord Jesus for Roofing, Fittings such as Doors and Windows, Plastering of Walls, Ceiling  and Electrical installation. Due to the long rains period coming, may the Lord hear our humble prayers for Bible School Class rooms completion!!!!!

(left) pouring lintel; (right) Bible classroom slabs poured


We expect 500 leaders to camp here for 4 days. The Lord is to provide for food, Mattresses, Seats and Fares for individual traveling. God bless His work!!!

1. We need Bibles, Literature for new Souls and students 2. Orphans and Widows needs 3. Transportation for Pastors/Evangelists 4. Bible School Class structures 5. Sound System for Crusades 6. Church Construction Program 7. Water and Medical Needs 8. Primary and Secondary schools needs.

Brother Bushebi and Ministry Family.
CODE: 50200

Phone: +254-735781802 ; +254-724039828; +254-725733630 & +254- 552030347Email: or 
Skype gbfministries

Deuteronomy 28:9 
The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of theLord your God and walk in obedience to him.

Please Pray for Believers in Pakistan

Please join me in continuing to pray for this wonderful ministry in Pakistan. Sohail Sadiq and I have been communicating on LinkedIn. He great desires . . . and needs . . . our prayers. If you missed the first post, please read about his ministry here.

Here are some updates from our brother:

  • Pray for Pakistani Persecuted Asylum Seekers. Mr. Gill had applied for asylum UNHCR in Sri-Lanka and he was in wait for the result. He was a cancer patient but he was fighting his war for the safety of his family. Very sadly he passed away a few days ago. His family is going through so much stress full situation. Please keep them in payers that may God provide them Comfort and justice. May his soul rest in peace!
  • In Sahiwal Lahore Pakistan 180 people from Christian community converted to Islam. The reason behind this is that, Our leaders are silent and do not hear the cries of discriminated and persecuted Christian Community. Please keep Pakistani Christian Nation in your prayers that may God deliver them from these situation that may our leaders become the voice of our nation for the deliverance from these situations. God bless you!
  • Our contribution for prayers will be the source of testimonies for others. This is a Prayer calendar in which there is a prayer request for each brother individually from the prison who were arrested while protesting against the twin blast incident that happened in Youhanabad Lahore Pakistan in 2015. It’s been four years since 41 brothers are in jail and two have died while waiting to get justice. Our father will perform his miracle in a near future for his nation and for that our prayers are very much needed. God bless you!


Please pray for Christopher Flint and his ministry

I connected with Christopher Flint on LinkedIn and he asked for prayer for his ministry:

I am currently working in secular employment in London, though I previously trained missionaries in Indonesia to reach the unreached people groups around them with the gospel.
I have published an evangelistic Bible overview in the Philippines
and next week my Indonesian language version will be printed on the
Island of Java.
Please pray for that these books would be like seeds of
the gospel falling on good soil and bear much fruit in years to come.
Please also pray that I can find a publisher for the Chinese and Korean
translations. Thanks!

Here is a photo of the front cover of my evangelistic Bible overview book which will be published soon in Indonesia.


For those who can’t speak the Indonesian language, here is a picture of the English language version which has already been published in the Philippines.