Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya and praise God for all He is doing. And consider taking a few minutes to email your encouragement to Let him know you are praying! Also join me in praising God for all who are being born again, healed, and set free. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.

Featured photo above: Pastor Bushebi at Chevel Foundation


Dear Saints and Family,Many Blessings and warm greetings from Kenya and blessings to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

We had a wonderful service full of the Joy of the Lord at Chwele Church yesterday as Brother Bushebi and a group of Pastors visited for prayers. Chwele Church started a big foundation for a new Church Building and they look forward to the Lord’s provision for its completion. We had high Praising time and Worship sessions. Brother Zachary preached and the Lord moved powerfully bringing 5 People to Himself.

SALVATION, MIRACLES AND HEALING: We honor the Lord!!!– The Lord brought over 90 People who gave their Lives to Jesus at the Burial Service of John Maketso at Buyofu Village.– There was several healing and deliverance during the Burial service of John Maketso– 5 received Christ at Chwele church during the prayer service for construction.– 7 more have given their Lives to the Lord following the Word that was preached at Mama Prisca’s burial service at Wamunyiri last week.– 2 men gave their Lives to Christ at Bulimbo church yesterday during Sunday service.All glory forever to the Father in Heaven!!!!!

BUYOFU BURIAL OF JOHN MAKETSO, 81YRS:thumbnail_Pst Robert Preaching at John FuneralWith a bit over 2000 People in attendance, The Lord moved Prophetically through His Word and won over 90 People in the Burial Service on Saturday April 22nd. The Deceased has left behind Widow Mary and 8 Children. Brother Robert brought the Word of God in a Prophetic way the Lord touching the Lives and bringing the to repentance. Over 90 People gave their lives to Christ at the function. All glory and praises to Him in Heaven!

thumbnail_Sianda Church started by Late John

(left: Sianda Church started by late John)

MISSION TRIP 2023: In Prayer….July 20th to August 6th – MichiganAugust 9th to SeptemberOctober

SISTER DORA BUSHEBI:We continue to wait upon the Lord for Sister Dora’s healing as we try to get the necessary items to support her health requirements. God bless you for your prayers!!!2 Kings 20:5. “The is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: ‘I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.'”

ORPHANS AND WIDOWS: Hard Times…..We are in prayer again because of the hard times the Orphans and Widows are going through. The Little we have has been overstretched by tripling of the prices as we experience extreme economic challenges from Covid 19 and the War. Lack of Food is the acute need we have to pray that God supplies for these desperate groups. Yes, things are not good but we now lift our eyes unto the Lord; our Help come from the Lord for the just shall live by Faith!!!

PRAYER WITH FASTING:This week’s prayer Ministry starts on Wednesday to Saturday.

PRAYER REQUESTS:1. Bibles for New Souls 2. Orphans and Widows 3. Famine Victims 4. Pastoral Training. 5. Tough Economic Times

Yours Faithfully,Brother Bushebi and Ministry

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