Please join me in praying for Gerald Ruhangarineitwe of Remnants of Christ Ministries in Uganda. Gerald says, “I lead a a child focused ministry focusing on child evangelism, education support, medical care and relief aid. I will appreciate your prayers and referral.”

More from Gerald about the ministries, including specific prayer requests:

Our Vision is to transform the lives of under privileged persons by taking them in, care for them, clothe them, educate them; provide them with clean, safe and nurturing environment.

We are indigenous, evangelical, non denominational, bible based, Christ centered, child and family focused endeavoring to meet the spiritual, educational and medical needs of the children and their families.

We pursue this vision through integrated, holistic commitment to: Transformational Development that is family-based and sustainable, child focused. This mainly focuses on poverty eradication through poverty eradication programs like farming, poultry and other program deemed good for income generation to lift families out of poverty. Emergency Relief that assists people afflicted by conflict or disaster, hunger. Spiritual/ social development through evangelism and discipleship and life skilling programs. Public Awareness that leads to informed understanding, giving, involvement and prayer. Faithful witness to Jesus Christ by life, deed, word and sign that encourages people to respond to the Gospel. Child education support that is focused especially on the needs of children in slums and other less developed communities. Medical care and development that is family based, preventive [awareness and sensitization, provision of a clean, safe environment] curative [constant medical checkup and quick treatment] construction of hospitals focusing on the needs of children, pregnant mothers in hard to reach areas. Environmental care and stewardship focusing on afforestation and reforestation and bee keeping. We are mandated as believers to care for our environment.

Our other future plans whenever funds become available are, 1-Constructing a children’s church 2-Constructing a modern day care facility for the urban mothers 3-Venturing school going children’s transport. We believe these ventures[2,3] will give us an opportunity to reach mothers for Christ and also help us raise funds for the ministry.

UgandaWe do target slums and other less developed areas because; There are many children who have not yet gotten an opportunity to hear the gospel in these areas. Poverty is rampant in slums and other hard to reach areas. Diseases in slums are rampart mainly because of poor hygiene, poverty, poor feeding that results in weak immunities. There is a high rate of school drop out mainly because of poverty, children cannot afford the ever increasing cost of education. Generally environmental degradation is rampart these days because of poverty, overpopulation and rural urban migration.

Remnants of Christ Ministries was formed to respond to the needs of children and their families, to create awareness of the challenges faced by people in slums and possibly be a channel of blessings and love to those in need. We believe that through partnership with you brethren, people in slums and other hard to reach areas with see the love of God, and your love both in word and in tangible ways. You will be able to express your love to those in need in tangible ways. You will get an opportunity to minister to these people in word and deed. You will get an opportunity to hear testimonies from these people as children and families are transformed into people of value. Together we can do mighty exploits for the Lord. please consider being the feet and hands of the Lord to those who are hurting in our country. I will be glad to hear from you.

Gerald Ruhangarineitwe Remnants of Christ Ministries

Specific prayer requests 1-Funding  2-Faithful Workers E-mail: I will be grateful for your prayer cover Gerald Ruhangarineitwe  3-Prayer cover