Please join me in praying for Rev. Alfred Kitui Linyulu, who ministers in Kenya.Part of the ministry is through Brightshiners Junior School. I hope you will also email him to let him know you are praying:

Rev. Linyulu describes his ministry this way:

I am a Kenyan living and serving in one of the urban poor villages in Ngong, South of Nairobi City. I did an online study with Eastern College Australia (Masters in Transformation Development). By God’s grace I completed my studies and graduated in 2020 and graciously won the Susan Arnold Endurance Award as the [student] who endured all odds to go through and complete my studies. During my 3 years study, I was able to travel to Cairo Egypt, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia for my intensives which gave opportunities to meet our lecturers from Australia and fellow students from other parts of the world. By extension, I was able to visit Singapore and Philippines as was invited by my classmates.

I am the founder of Pentecostal Transformation Ministries and Brightshiners Junior School [Brightshiners Junior School]. Initially, we were in one of the slums of Nairobi but we lost our meeting hall during the Covid-19 lockdown. However, by God’s grace we were able to move to Ngong and got an 8 years land lease where we put up the current structures we are using for both Church and School. 

My wife Jane and I have volunteered and diligently served in the poor urban communities since 2004. Through this noble work, God awarded us with scholarships to study to empower and impact our society. 

Prayers Requests:

  1. Thanksgiving for seeing us through the tough Covid-19 period and enabling us to run our school for 3 years on our new lease facility.
  2. Pray that God would give us another opportunity to continue our work in 2023 through paying for a year’s lease. We would have wished to have the lease paid at once for the rest of the remaining period but we have learned trusting Him each time we’ve need and He has never disappointed us. 
  3. Pray that God would give strength to our teachers who at the moment have to volunteer as they serve passionately to help transform the lives of children and the community.
  4. Pray that God would provide me a flight ticket to attend alumni conference in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia on Peace Building & Advocacy in April 2023.