Please pray for Pastor Biswajit Debnath from Kolkata, India, and his ministry in West Bengal. I recently received this wonderful report from him. I hope you will be blessed and inspired to prayer as you read it. (Scroll to the end to see specific praises and requests.)

Ministry Report

West Bengal                                                              September -22

I give so many thanks to Jesus Christ for His wonderful blessing in our life that He use our for His kingdom and also so many thanks that He give our a good opportunity for work with Gift India ministry. The good news of the Lord is being preached in many new places and many people are being born again.  Through  our all ministry active leaders churches going very well.


  • To Transform Bengali speaking people groups for Christ.
  • Plant 3000 Churches within 2030
  • Making 1000 Disciples within 2030
  • 100K Souls win within 2030
  • 10 Bibles school 2030

September month all ministry and result . . .

  • Fasting Prayer and Leaders monthly meeting—

Our all ministry leaders and some believers are coming every month 3 days at Basirhat main church and we all together doing 3 days fasting and prayer for our vision and for our all churches. Every month 3 days we are doing same. We believe that through fasting and prayer our all church problem and our all personal problem will be solve by the Grace of God.

  •  Testimony— receiving Jesus..

Manoj Das’s Testimony-

 Sujata Mondal’s Testimony—

My name is Sujata Mandal.  My address is Shantipur.  I was born in a Hindu family.  As in everyone’sBengal 5 house, worship is done in our house.  Then I got married in a Hindu family of Basirhat city.  The days were passing by worshiping there as well.  There were no such problems in my family.  But I became more arrogant and jealous when my husband was earning well.

One day a sister came and told me about Lord Jesus, she told me that we sin in small things.  And this sin separates us from the Creator.  Lord Jesus came to earth to forgive all our sins. Lord Jesus wants to take all my sins and forgive me.  Said all this and asked to come to church on Sunday.  Then I started going to church every Sunday after listening to that sister.  I have come to realize that I am a sinner.  I seek forgiveness from Lord for all my sins. 

Now I have accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart.  And my family also believes in Lord Jesus.  I have a husband and 2 children in my family.  Now I don’t have that jealous feeling anymore.  And I’m not as arrogant as before.  Thank you Lord Jesus for changing my life.  I am now doing the work of spreading the gospel of the Lord after finishing all the work of the world.  Please pray for me and my family.

  • House Church going on—

By the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, churches have started in many places in small groups. There people know the Lord Jesus personally. And they are worshiping the Lord. Many of those churches have been persecuted, and the believers there are not getting the opportunity to worship properly. And besides, due to a lot of rain, they are not getting a proper place to sit. Yet the Lord is helping to do His service.


  •  Outreach program –

This September month our ministry leaders were visited 2 difference new villages were they preached Gospel and distributed Gospel tracks. And by the grace of God they found 3 new families that we call person of peace house, and we will continue visit that families and if possible and God’s grace we will start house fellowship in that family.


  • Children Education Program—

God help to our ministry leaders or Timothy, Because they are doing very good job and hard work. 16 center ongoing and very well and smoothly going. Children are learning their books very well. Also they learn about Jesus through many Stories from Bible.

  •  Praise Point-
    • This month God help us to His ministry and God protected us by His blood. And God protected our all family also.
    • Our God provide our all needs every day for our family and also for our ministry.
    • This month 22 people received to Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.
    • This month 2 new villages we visited with Gospel. And God help us.

  •  Prayer Points-
    • Please continue pray for all our leaders and believers family for safety. Because many Non Christian people are creating persecution among us.
    • We have need 10 ministry leaders monthly support.
    • We want to buy one land for office and orphanage. So please pray for God’s provision.
    • Please pray for 6 Bi-cycle and 2 bike for our leaders.
    • Please continue pray for our Vision, so that we can fulfill our vision.
    • Need 500 Bibles for our ministry believers.


Thank you

Biswajit Debnath