Please join me in continued prayer for Pastor Poorna Chand PS, his wife, Deepar, and their two children. Pastor Chand is senior pastor of Life Changers Church in Andhra Pradesh, India. You may read more about their ministry in these previous posts and on their website.

Recently from Pastor Poorna:

Greetings. We’re not sure if you’re aware of the terrible floods here in India. Hundreds of villages have been terribly flooded and hundred thousands of people have been suffering greatly for want of food, water, shelter, medicine etc…

It gives us immense joy to let you know that this morning we visited one of the flooded villages and provided 110 people with meals. What a blessing it was! Most of them had nothing to eat last couple of days. Our food was a huge blessing to them. 
In fact, there were nearly 500 people who needed food but we could help 110 of them. 

Even though it pained our hearts for not being able to help all, we rejoiced for what we could do. 
I have attached some of the photos. The flood waters were hip deep yesterday. Most of them lost all their food, clothing, money etc… Please keep these pitiable and vulnerable people in your prayers. Blessings!