Please join me in praying for Pastor John Nartey, his family, and his ministry  in Ghana. Below is a prayer guide for June 2020. Pastor Nartey is a leader in Calvary Ministries CAPRO. You may learn more about this ministry in these previous posts .

Below is a link to their prayer requests for the month of June. You may either download them or read the text in this post.



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National Office

Wednesday, June 1: Thank God for bringing us to the middle of the year. Thank God for journey mercies for the Ojos who are back from their 3 months’ leave.

Thank God also for the opportunity for Ada Nartey to go on leave in April and for bringing her back safely.

Thursday, June 2: Pray for the missionaries and team according to Eph. 3: 16 and Col. 1: 29 that we be strengthened in the inner man to labour fervently in the gospel, even as the work in all our ministry locations increase. 

Friday, June 3: A chapter was started in last April by a partner in Cape Coast, in the Central Region. Thank God for this new beginning. Pray that God will bless the mobilisation efforts of the initiator. Pray for growth and fruitfulness

Saturday, June 4: Pray for more Christians to partner with us actively: in praying, giving to support missionaries and the work and in visiting the field to share in the work and encourage missionaries on the ground. Pray that the Lord will be abundantly gracious to every partner. Pray that they will experience their earthly rewards and be encouraged about the hope and joy of the reward that is set for them in heaven.

Sunday, June 5: The plan to start a zonal office in the northern part of Ghana is taking off by God’s grace the last quarter of this year.

Please pray for grace for the couple going to do this assignment. Ask that God will grant them favour with men / women of peace in the town. Pray for the provision of resources to start the new zone.

Odumase-Krobo Social Intervention Centre

Monday, June 6: We have an invitation to the Church of Pentecost, Kong for June 7, to explain to the congregation the rites of dipo and why Christians should not participate in it. Please pray that God will give us utterance and grant us wisdom to answer all the questions.

Tuesday, June 7: Let us thank God for the lives of the twins who were taken off the streets and have resumed school. Pray that they will receive grace to resist pressure from their friends and maintain their decision to follow Christ.

Pray also for the provision of funds to treat the eye problem one of them is suffering from and for their education.

Gonja Field

Wednesday, June 8: Praise God for adding, (especially men), to our weekly fellowship meeting at KDE. 

Pray for the spirit of wisdom, revelation and understanding upon the Church according to Eph. 1:16 – 18 and Col. 1: 9 – 11.

Thursday, June 9: Thank God for the open door for us at LTK to start a Mother Tongue Listening Group at the village head’s compound. 

Pray that the Lord will draw men with open hearts to receive God’s word.

Friday, June 10: Praise God for our children ministry at KNL. Despite the indoctrination from the antichrist religious group that destabilizes our work, the LORD is gradually bringing them back.

Pray for a more resilient church (both children and adult church) to grow in this community.

Saturday, June 11: Please pray for us, for open heavens, and open hearts for a vibrant Mother Tongue Gospel Listening Group at KBC.

Sunday, June 12: Pray for the radio gospel broadcast in Mother tongue to impact listeners. We wish to broadcast in Hausa/Arabic soon. Please ask the Lord to send us partners for the radio outreach.

Monday, June 13: Pray for the Lord’s help for women discipleship groups in Kbe and in SLG. Pray for grace for the missionary, understanding and boldness for the women to take definite stand for Jesus.

Tuesday, June 14: Pray that the Lord will send us more workers through the National Service Scheme and others to come and join us in the work. Praise God for brothers SM and MK. Pray the Lord’s blessings upon them.

Wednesday, June 15: Pray for strategic Partners to fund the development of a 12 -acre piece of land given to the ministry at KBC into a Skills / Discipleship Center

Thursday, June 16: Pray that the Lord will help raise financial aid worth GHC5, 000 to provide agri -support for 30 disciples in our field.

Nanumba and Konkomba Fields

Friday, June 17: This June we shall be having an outreach in partnership with FHI team with the students FHI has mobilised from some tertiary institutions. We thank God for this outreach. Please pray that the Lord will use them to do a new thing. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be poured out in abundance for the outreach with notable miracles which would bring transformation in the land and salvation of souls. Please pray that they would saturate the land with the gospel of salvation and bring God’s presence.

Saturday, June 18: Please pray that the powers of idol worship etc on the lands where we work will be destroyed and the word of God will prevail.

Sunday, June 19: Pray for JNT in KJS to be filled with understanding and strengthen by the word of God.

Pray also that the Lord will raise leaders in KJS Church.

Monday, June 20: Please pray that the word planted in the lives of the children in different community will be rooted in their hearts.

Tuesday, June 21: Pray that the Lord will penetrate this land of PDA with his word.

Pray that the Lord will revive our Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) groups that the people will be willing to participate

Wednesday, June 22: Please pray for GDW in GM Church that he would remain focused and the Lord will show him clearly, the purpose for his life.

Thursday, June 23: Pray for the salvation of SDQ and the family in WLS. Pray for the knowledge and understanding of God’s word in our house fellowships.

Friday, June 24: Pray that the Lord will encounter the youth in KRJ.

Pray for HSN’s total restoration. That every snare he has been caught up in will be broken. Psalm 124:6-8

Saturday, June 25: We still believe God to sanctify his church with the fear of the Lord; please pray for reverent fear to fall upon the church members. Pray that the land will be filled with the word of God and spiritual understanding will be given to church members to be committed to God.

Sunday, June 26: Pray for resources to build decent church buildings in PNYL and NYPN.

Pray for resources to rebuild a base and the church in KPS which was broken down by a rain storm.

Monday, June 27: Pray for ElW and YSR that the Lord will help them to focus on their discipleship.

Pray for MSH that the Lord would remember his promise of total healing. Mat 8:7

National Office

Tuesday, June 28: Thank God for how he has been helping Lillian with her missions training in Nigeria. Ask that she will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send us more labourers from within Ghana Matt. 9: 35 – 38. Ask that He will bless our mobilisation efforts even beyond our expectation (Eph. 3:20)

Wednesday, June 29: 6. Thank God for the provision of land for the building of a national office/ base after moving the office here and there. Thank God for the architectural plan already done. Pray that He who began this good work will also complete it, to make this national base a reality.

Pray that our God in Whose is our economy will continue to help us as the cost of living keep increasing daily.


Thursday, June 30: Pray for wisdom for the government to handle the energy situation and the inflation that is highly escalating the cost of living in the country.