Please join me in praising God for this wonderful report from Pastor Davis Juma in Kenya and praying for these needs. If you like, you can email him at And you can read about his ministry in these previous posts. And take a few minutes to visit his new website here.

From Pastor Davis:

I have been in Kajiado for almost two weeks doing evangelism and conference.  God has been faithful as he has saved many souls. . . . I am grateful for all your support and prayers. Without them I wouldn’t have won even a single soul. May grant you good health and long life full of strength for you are actively winning souls for him in Africa alongside us. 

I would like to inform you that the grade 8 exam results are finally out and that maasai girl ( orphan) studentwhose plight I shared with when I was there, received hers and they have sent them to me. She passed very well owing to her environment. She treks long distance through the thickets to attends the only nearest elementary school available.  Please pray hard for her secondary school fees late April/early May. Girl child education in that region is overlooked and  girls are married off at teenage for cattle which is essentially their currency. Your precious for her education if possible in a boarding school will be of great help for her. Here are her results:
KIS 64B- KSL = 

MAT 56C+ 
SCI 63B- 
SSR 63B- 

The long rains that we have been expecting has began. Luckily I was concluding the mission this week. People have began planting crops.  The whole of last year was a waste but the weatherman says we shall have more than normal rains for three months. Please pray that God will provide for the fertilisers and seeds for my four and half acres. It is through the crop produce that I feed  the 40 total orphans under my care and also for my family. People are in a race planting and what I lack is seeds and fertlizers. The kids and orphans under my care are in a break so they will help with manpower or labour.

Last but not least pray for the lost souls to be saved and for provision of a strong vehicle for me that will be taking me to places that are least evangelized.

God bless you.