Please join me in continuing to pray for Pastor Augustin and his ministry in Burundi. Also, please take a moment to email him and let him know you are praying: . You may read more about this ministry on these previous posts. Please read Brother Augustin’s report below about the attacks on Burundi churches.

From Pastor Augustin

I hope this message finds you well. My family is well. The church in Burundi is under great attacks from the enemy and this is where we need to stand as one and pray for the victory of the church in Burundi.
The government has declared the following measures:
1. New churches are no longer allowed to be planted in Bujumbura and in some key cities. The reason being given is that the country has a great number of churches already so there is no need of planting new ones for now. And if one wants to plant, then, he/she will be submitted to conditions that are practically impossible for some people. For example, your church should have projects that will meet the key needs of the community- like building an orphanage, hospital or a school. And if you do not have none of these then you will not be granted permission.
2. Churches are allowed to meet for only 30 minutes ( 5:30- 6:00 PM) and that is from Monday- Friday. If you exceed the time then they may end up closing your church. They’re allowed to worship at the time of their choice only on Saturday and Sunday.
3. Churches that are not 500 meters away from another church are immediately closed. “My church is also facing the very same challenge. So I do not know yet what the outcome will be. Many Pastors are crying over this because many of their churches will be closed. ”
The Church of Christ will always remain victorious over any circumstance/ trial. For Christ Himself promised to build His church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Thank you as we join in prayer for the church in Burundi!
NB: we thank God we have been to identify a land outside of Bujumbura where we will put a new church building. We paid half the money and we pray for GOD to open more doors to get the remainder ( $3,000) in order to get total control of the property and get started with the construction of the new building. The place is not far from where we meet currently and it meets all requirements.
Some churches are being closed already and our church is among the churches that will soon be closed because we are not 500 metes away from our neighboring catholic church. And we rent the place on top of that.
So we kindly request for your prayers and we will remain grateful for any help you can provide for us in this season so we can construct a new church building and therefore worship our LORD freely.