Please join me in praising God for this wonderful report from Pastor Davis Juma in Kenya and praying for these needs. If you like, you can email him at And you can read about his ministry in these previous posts. And take a few minutes to visit his new website here.

Praises and Needs:

Beloved warriors of God in the USA,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus the author of our faith.

I am glad to share with you the success of our evangelism in the region of Mau Narok. All glory to God! With your prayers and support God gave us a great harvest to bring in. Over 503 souls accepted Christ to our amazement. This was my first mission this year and already we came back with sheaves while rejoicing. I bought them  40 maasai Bibles as you will see in the pictures here. Though this is less than 10% of what was needed but they will be using ateast one per the manyatta.

Here is the link of the few pictures
In the video children gifted us with masaai shukas as they sung and praise God.
Please pray with me for one girl there. After the service I found her lost in thoughts and looking forlorn and lost. I asked her whether her parents are saved and that question made her begin crying.  I moved closer and consoled her and then asked why she was crying and she replied amid sobs that both her parents died and she is living hard life with her aging grandmother. She said that she was in grade 8 and in a few months she will need to join secondary school but there is no fees. Her worry was that if she does not join secondary school she will be forced to undergo female genital mutilation and them married to off to an old man as per the maasai culture.  This really touched me and assured her that I am going to pray and will be back soon with good news from God. Please pray with me.
Now the next Misson will be in Kajiado mid next month. Please pray that God provides for this mission and prepares the hearts to receive Christ.
May God bless you so much.
Thank you.