Please continue to pray for Hermon Hira and Elohim Church in Bangladesh. You may read more about him and his ministry on these previous posts. I communicate often with Hermon. His heart for Jesus is strong. And his wife, Toma, ministers as well. I hope you will consider emailing him to let him know you are praying:

From Brother Hermon:

classGiving leadership training to some young Christian people. How to share Gospel to the nonbeliever (unsaved) people for this we arranged a leadership training for 4 days. If 25 young christian people will join this training than our cost will 700$. Please pray for us so that we can do every month a leadership training. God will done in our ministry.

[Also] please pray for our upcoming evangelical tour. From 5th February to 12 February I will go to share Gospel with the tribe nation in mountain area of Bangladesh if God will. In this time I will share word of God some new church in mountain area. Please pray for everything 🙏.