Please join me in praying for Idohou Roland and Salem Evangelical Church Ministry in the Republic of Benin (West Africa). You may learn more about the ministry on their website.
From Pastor Roland:
My name is Idohou Roland .My age is 48.I became born again since 1993.Ian in possession of my doctorate degree in divinity, in the year 2001.I sapent 7 years in practical training with a chuch by name
winners chapela and divine grace in a missionary work. today having started my ministry which is to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the seack .We also care for the orphans. . . . Republic of Benin is one of the peaceful countries in the black continent of Africa. . . .
Salem Evangelical Church Ministry is a Nonprofit, nonpartisan, Non-Governmental (NGO) Church Organization focused on dispensing the gospel of Jesus Christ, improve on the health conditions of the
Community, empowering the needy and vulnerable community through skills enhancement, learning, Orphanage and health promotions.

Vision To take the Gospel of Christ to all Nations

Mission A vibrant, evangelistic and Missionary church

Goal Communities empowered with positive sustainable spiritual and
social economic skills

Pray for our new church building to be completed
Pray for our more souls to be save
Pray for our pastors in Benin and Togo that God should protect them
Pray for us to succeed in planting church in Burkina Faso